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24 Oct 09 Structure of a Press Release

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Over the years, press release has become a significant part of marketing mix. Now, the company strategically crafts press releases to establish its brand in the market. Hence, writing a proper press release is imperative. One needs to know the proper format in which a press release should be written. The goal of this post is to educate its reader about the proper press release format.

A press release follows an inverted pyramid format (see fig.). The most important part of the news goes in the first paragraph followed by the information that is less important than the one preceding it. Include quotation and further explanation in the third paragraph, followed by background of the news. And the last paragraph of a press release contains history and other information about the company.

Press release format

The image below contains a standard format used to write a press release. Every element mentioned in it is important, and always write a press release on a company’s letter head.

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