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06 Jan 10 Earning Money With A Free Blog

Practically everyone has a free blog by now.  Most of us blog as a hobby, or out of a need to express something to the outside world.  But have you ever thought about turning that into a source of passive income?  The free blog that you keep right now could be easily converted into your own private gold mine, with little extra effort on your part.

Keep in mind that content is key.  Converting a free blog into a money making blog is a long difficult process, but one that you complete by putting the work in.  Make sure that your blog has an attractive and visually appealing template.  Something that makes a user feel comfortable, and that allows your blog to be easily read.  A safe bet is to use cooler colors, as they are more calming, instead of anything too vibrant.

Your writing will also need a little bit of an upgrade as well.  You’re not just writing for yourself anymore, you’re writing to get people to find your blog and remain interested.  That means you have to write concise, not overly long, and entertaining entries.  Let your unique voice and personality shine, and make sure not to write entries that are too long.  Readers want to be entertained, but long articles can leave most doubting whether or not they want to read what’s written.

From there you should be able to steadily build an audience.  You want to pay attention to traffic and the amount of time the average user is on your site.  You can find resources for this through services like Google’s Analytics.  See what content inspires interest, and try and build on your good stats by writing to those strengths.

Now you should be ready to make a little money.  Use programs like Google’s Adsense, and look to websites like which offer payment for affiliate links.  Through these you can start earning money off the traffic from your blog.  Just remember, the longer you keep someone on the page, the more impressions and likelihood of clicks you’re going to get.  You want as much as possible of both.  With grabbing headlines and engaging content, you should be well on your way.

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20 Nov 09 Supplement Your Writing Income

Increasing your writing income is something that most writers are looking to do.  Actually, probably all writers are looking to increase their income.  Not many people would complain about being more comfortable financially.  But as a writer that can be tough, especially if you’re having trouble finding work.  The key is managing your opportunities to earn a residual income, in addition to your main writing projects.

A residual income keeps a steady sum of money flowing into your account.  This you can save for a rainy day, or spend as you need to, to keep the career going.  Residual income’s usually don’t earn as much as your mainstay, but they are a good supplement.

Think about the opportunities before you.  If you haven’t created a personal blog, you really should consider doing so.  It’s a good way to speak your mind, get noticed, and sell some ad space to make a little extra money.  Every writer should have a personal blog, and even if you don’t have the full time to invest, at least a simple one would suffice.  Combined with Google’s Adsense program, you can make yourself a nice little cash cow.

Try some seasonal opportunities.  There’s always someone out there looking for writers to write copy for season specific events, or advertisements.  Those are decent jobs that are fairly easy to complete, and they pay pretty well most of the time.  It’s a nice easy job that won’t detract from your main projects, but that keeps you writing, as well as earning.

If you have the sort of degree necessary, you could consider teaching other writers.  Many universities offer opportunities for independent teachers.  As long as you have the credentials, you can get paid for your time.  Plus you get exposed to new styles, and have a chance to communicate with other writers.  Now you’re not only earning some side money, but also helping your own writing to grow.

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23 Oct 09 Alternate Income Source for Freelance Writer

I write because I love writing, and I suppose you also feel the same. Writing is not like producing soap that you can do even when you do not want to. This is where writing is different from doing any other thing. But what if you are not satisfied with the income you get from writing? What if you want to increase your income because you need more money?

Should you leave your freelance writing that you enjoy so much and take some regular and more paying job? Or should you look for alternative source of income?

What you will choose from the given options depends on what is your priority. For me, the choice is simple. I would go for developing the alternative source of income. And I believe most of the readers of this post will want to do the same. Therefore, I will be talking about alternative source of income that you could develop to increase your income.

  1. You can start an AdSense or any advertisement supported website.
  2. You can write an e-book.
  3. You can start a coaching program.
  4. Become a corporate blogging consultant.
  5. Create a team of writer and get bulk content done.
  6. Become a content consultant

Your options are not limited to these. You can do many more things while continuing your freelance writing.

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