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11 Dec 09 Four Of The Most In Demand Career Paths

When you’re picking a career path, it’s a good idea to pick a career that has plenty of relevance.  A relevant career is one that is growing, with huge potential to remain relevant for a prolonged period of time.  That means a career that adapts to modern technology, and one where workers are in high demand.  Here is a quick list of some of the more in demand careers today:

-Computer Software Engineer.  Anything with computers is usually a good way to go, and software engineers are in high demand.  A software engineer works with a corporation’s current operating system, and retools the system to best serve the business.  Software engineers are paid well, and are likely to be in high demand for a long, long time, as computers have become integral to any business.

-Physician’s Assistant is another career path that’s in high demand.  Most medical fields are understaffed, leaving great opportunities to find a job, and advance.  A Physician’s Assistant is one of the most in demand careers that provides a good salary, and doesn’t require as much education.  To become a PA you’d need a bachelor’s degree, as well as degree from an accredited Physician’s Assistant program.

-Network Systems Analyst is another one of those great computer careers that’s on the rise, and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon.  A network systems analyst is responsible for establishing email, phone, and data communication for a business.  You’ll need a computer specific bachelor’s degree, and up to date computer certifications.

-Physical/Occupational Therapists are always in high demand.  A physical therapist helps someone recover from an injury, or a disease.  A physical therapist is responsible for helping someone recover to full physical health after an injury.  Occupational therapists assist those with handicaps, and help them develop the physical skills necessary to work around their handicap.  Both are well paying careers, but you’ll need a master’s degree to enter the upper echelon of the field.

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11 Dec 09 Manage Being Underemployed

Practically everyone with a job in these tumultuous economic times realizes that they are lucky.  Finding a job is incredibly difficult, so already having one you’re well ahead of the curve.  The problem then comes when you find yourself underemployed.  When you feel you could be making more money, or should have better opportunities, but they just haven’t arisen.  How do you deal with being underemployed?

Well, realize that most people who feel underemployed are generally dissatisfied with their jobs.  Usually this stems from either a salary that is below your standards, the lack of opportunities to express your skills, or just not enough work for you to complete.  In any situation you can find yourself feeling unhappy at the workplace.  Which is exactly why you should take this opportunity to resolve that situation.

Try making yourself more of an asset to the company.  If you find yourself not getting enough work, try asking for more.  If you’re not happy with your salary, make yourself stand out so that the company has no choice but to recognize you for your accomplishments.  Try asking your boss for more assignments, or ways that you can help out by taking on workload from other sources.  Gives you something to do, and helps you become more of an asset.

If you’re unhappy with the position in general, you can use the extra time to network.  Hit the break room, or the cafeteria and make friends with the people around you from other departments, or other companies.  Find out what opportunities are around you that you didn’t know about.  You could end up finding the job of your dreams, you just have to put in the effort to search.  If the company you’re at now isn’t meeting your standards, networking can help you find a new opportunity that will.  Anything is better than staying underemployed and unhappy.

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15 Aug 09 Is Your Job In Trouble?

The economy is on the up finally, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still quite a few jobs being cut at companies that are desperate to make financial ends meet.  So you should always be aware of the warning signs that your job may be in trouble.  Here are a few that could clue you in about when it might be the right time to start getting that resume together.

1. Bad Performance Reviews

Okay, so it’s your monthly performance review and normally you excel at your job, this month has been no different, so you’re expecting a quick and easy positive performance review right?  Well what if you get a bad one out of the blue?  This could be a clue in that your company is setting you up to be fired.  It’s always favorable for Human Resources and the legal departments if someone has a few bad performance reviews on file before they are terminated, to show that the company had adequate reason.

2. Your Inclusion In Projects Is Limited.

If you’re starting to feel left out of your bosses tactics, and are feeling fairly underappreciated, you may not be imagining things, it may just be that you’re slowly being phased out of that workplace.  Anytime your boss is avoiding you more, leaving you out, or your own colleagues are leaving you out of private meetings, it wouldn’t hurt for you to start browsing some opportunities elsewhere.  At least that way your job loss won’t come as an earth shattering shock.

3. You Get A New Boss.

Managers like to work with employees that they are familiar with.  With workers that they know well, a boss knows what to expect, how far they can push, and which goals that they will be able to accomplish.  The problem with that strategy is for your new boss to make room for new people, he/she has to get rid of you.  A new boss is always a good time for you to brush up that resume and be prepared to be job hunting.

4. Coworkers Begin Getting Fired.

Even if you’re a star performer at your job, if the company starts making cuts on account of an economic crisis nobody is safe.  So if you see a lot of heads rolling at your company, get your interview skills practiced once more, because you could be following suite before too long.

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