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18 Jul 10 How to Reduce Stress in Your Life?

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Stress is an inseparable part of modern life. But if we really think hard we will see even stone age was not devoid of stress. Yes, time was easier in terms of problems and sources of stress. Nowadays, a five year old child to an eighty year old man –everybody is stressed out. Keeping pace with this fast competitive age, we are constantly thwarted by stressful conditions. Some of us manage to cope, and many of us just can’t take it. It gets on our nerves, works like a slow poison and gives birth to many physical and emotional diseases. We may not be able to abandon stress completely, but our sincere effort can definitely curb the stress level to quite an extent. Try these following easy tips and find peace of mind.

Firstly, you can control stress with proper time management. Psychologists believe constant staring at clock and coming under the pressure of time is a major cause of stress. The worry of being late, whether in getting up in the morning or reaching office late can cause major stress. When such fear is prolonged, it causes major stress in human minds. So adopt the practice of turning up at work before the time. You will find yourself in a very pleasant and relaxed mood. Your day will start off in a great relaxed way and soon it will become practice.

Exhaustion, sleeplessness, working at a stretch can cause major stress by suffocating your brain. At the end of the day however the day may have been, make sure you grab a good peaceful 8 hour sleep. It’s very essential. If it’s not possible for some reason, manage a 30 minute nap in between work. You will find yourself refreshed and rejuvenated for the whole day.

We may think coffee is a stress buster, but it’s just the opposite. Caffeine cause major stress and depression. Don’t get addicted to this. Just grab a cup of coffee early in the morning and may be one cup more in the evening.

There’s also indirect relationship between stress and weight. If you are always stressed and you have extra weight, you need to shed those extra fats.

Exercise helps a lot in reducing stress. Make sure you exercise daily. Even if for 30 minutes, make exercise part of your life. It could be walk, jogging, gyming, swimming, cycling or any sports. It will not only keep you physically fit, but also at mental ease.

Get back to your hobbies. Even if once in a week, practice your hobby. It could be anything – dancing, singing, painting, photography, gardening, cooking, stitching, poetry. It will keep you happy and entertained.

Practice these yourself, and see the difference. It will certainly lower your stress level.

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