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02 Jan 09 Making sense through Google AdSense

Written by: digitaldreamz

How about some money making when you are just writing fun stuff or stuff you love to talk about on internet. Google AdSense, a revenue generation program of Google allows normal users of internet an opportunity to earn while letting their heart out. Google provides these services not only for the blogs and sites but very recently they have extended AdSense for domains. Publishers can earn revenue by placing ads on their undeveloped domains.

AdSense basically provides revenue by putting advertisements on all web pages of a site or a blog with no additional resources. Setting up AdSense does not require any special skills, it is made in a very customer friendly way so that anyone can follow those easy steps and get started. AdSense delivers the relevant ads according to the content of your site, specifically targeting your site. The words have different meanings in different contexts. AdSense is an intelligent program which understands the context of the content and display ads accordingly.

Google strives to get you the maximum revenue from you web page by pitting two types of ads against each other:

  • CPC: Cost per click in which revenue is generated by clicking on the ads.
  • CPM: Cost per thousand impressions

Whatever is best suited for your site, is displayed there and generates revenue for you. You can also put search boxes in your site and you will find ads relevant to searches performed by the visitors on your site. Searches also yield money and add to your revenue.

Setting Google AdSense

Setting up Google AdSense requires minimal investment in terms of your time. You only need to send an online application, on approval, you get a code which needs to be pasted in your site’s code and here you are, AdSense ready. AdSense allows you to customize the ads format in terms of space, color scheme, appearance and templates.

Ads for every content

Due to a wide base of advertisers, Google has ads for everyone, however specialized the content may be. Moreover, you have access to thousands of advertisers without bothering to interact with them, Goodle manages this for you. AdSense works according to geography as well resulting in helping local advertisers target their audience.

Premium AdSense Service

If you are one of those who get 20 million page views per month or 5 million searches (the standards may vary), then Google offers you Premium AdSense service which has many facilities as compared to regular AdSense users. One of this is a dedicate Google representative which will help you with optimization and of course more revenue generation. The ads are much more customized and almost completely blended with the content. The sites like LinkedIn, MySpace are under the Google Premium AdSense service and you can have an idea of what it actually looks like.

Google Adsense has something in it for everyone. You can rake mullah with this revenue generation program. All you have to do is generate traffic for your site and Google will take care of the rest.

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