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08 Mar 09 Techie Advice | Be a Computer Nerd!’s second definition for nerd is:

an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit: a computer nerd.

The internet has inevitably turned average people into nerds; the dot com revolution has become a single-minded obsession for most individuals, especially when we take into consideration its importance as a method of communication.  From submitting school assignments to applying for jobs or services, it is hard not to stay away from a computer.

The definition is a bit misleading now, with the advent of online social networks.  Being single-minded, or focusing on one topic, can lead to an oxymoron: the internet, and therefore computers, is a pursuit that is socially nonsocial.  People are using text messages rather than contacting others face-to-face, but they are still getting their messages to each other.  Just think of MySpace or Facebook.  Today, being a computer nerd is the best stereotype you could portray and you’ll definitely forget the stigma that the word “nerd” has carried in the past, once you realize that an IT freelance career can be profitable.  Now you might ask, “How can I become a computer nerd from the comfort of my home?”  A friend of mine is slowly becoming a computer nerd and honestly it isn’t that hard to do.  Here are some guidelines and free resources for your transformation:

  1. Install Linux first!  That’s what she did and I was surprised of how quickly she began to understand computer terminology.
  2. Play around with HTML.  There are plenty of online tutorials!
  3. Take a break and check out computer books at your library or read online articles.  If you choose the second option you’re probably already addicted to the internet (and you’re more of a nerd than you think!).
  4. Practice JavaScript and you’ll be well on your way to writing a program.
  5. Make your own website (and by that I mean, don’t use free templates!).  It’s fun to do and breaking the ice in this industry is as easy as registering your first domain name.  This is important because you’ll get more credit to your name as a freelancer who has a personal/professional website.  You can also use a free website and then use the custom HTML section to play around.  Make sure it redirects to your domain though!
  6. Once you got an idea of it all, volunteer your time!  Do something for a friend or offer a potential client a test page.  Recommendations are your best asset when it comes to standing out from the crowd (and it’s better than being charged to practice in someone’s class).

That is all for now.  Hope to see you joining the ranks of our creative profession.  Like it or not, you’re already a computer nerd just for having read this far!

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