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02 Jun 11 How to Promote A Low-cost Airlines?

In this age when everybody is flying frequently to destined places, some airlines to attract the mass have labeled themselves as ‘low cost airline’, offering travel service at a much lower rate. However, there are thousands of low cost airlines, fighting hard for business. How to keep your airlines ahead of others and attract more customers? Here are some tips.

Don’t make it appear cheap

Many interested travelers may avoid your airline considering your service, ambience, and appearance, crowd as cheap and uncomfortable. Your first job is to make sure the word ‘cheap’ is not attached to your brand. An airline being affordable for its customers does not necessarily mean to be cheap and uncomfortable. Make sure it is just affordable, but not cheap. Make sure people feel at ease, feel special and well served like any good airline. Keep appearance and ambience of the airlines great, pleasing, posh, and nice. Keep pleasant looking air hosts and hostesses who are courteous, helpful. No one wants to travel in a cheap manner.

Serve more than they expect

Definitely, being a low cost airline you cannot afford to offer all frills and fancies of a full cost airline. But at the same time, serve more than the customers expect from you. This will keep your customers excited about your service, spreading good words about you everywhere. Surprise them with little more than others. Take an extra leap, go an extra mile to get more customers, keep customers happy and loyal to your brand. Being low cost, you may not provide food, but you may offer some water and fruit juices, coffee, chocolates and French fries unlike other airlines. It may cost you little more than others, but will give you an edge too. You may keep some wonderful travel magazines of the concerned destination. You may highlight some shopping tips.

Attractive offers

Since there are many low cost airlines these days, you should be different and remembered for some good reason. Offer some lucrative deals like heavy discount on early booking reserved for first 20 customers or lucky draw coupon for a free trip or gifts for a couple travelling together, free holiday guidebooks for a family of 4 members travelling together to a holiday destination.

Get set go. Fly with pride.

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