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02 Jun 11 How to Promote A Low-cost Airlines?

In this age when everybody is flying frequently to destined places, some airlines to attract the mass have labeled themselves as ‘low cost airline’, offering travel service at a much lower rate. However, there are thousands of low cost airlines, fighting hard for business. How to keep your airlines ahead of others and attract more customers? Here are some tips.

Don’t make it appear cheap

Many interested travelers may avoid your airline considering your service, ambience, and appearance, crowd as cheap and uncomfortable. Your first job is to make sure the word ‘cheap’ is not attached to your brand. An airline being affordable for its customers does not necessarily mean to be cheap and uncomfortable. Make sure it is just affordable, but not cheap. Make sure people feel at ease, feel special and well served like any good airline. Keep appearance and ambience of the airlines great, pleasing, posh, and nice. Keep pleasant looking air hosts and hostesses who are courteous, helpful. No one wants to travel in a cheap manner.

Serve more than they expect

Definitely, being a low cost airline you cannot afford to offer all frills and fancies of a full cost airline. But at the same time, serve more than the customers expect from you. This will keep your customers excited about your service, spreading good words about you everywhere. Surprise them with little more than others. Take an extra leap, go an extra mile to get more customers, keep customers happy and loyal to your brand. Being low cost, you may not provide food, but you may offer some water and fruit juices, coffee, chocolates and French fries unlike other airlines. It may cost you little more than others, but will give you an edge too. You may keep some wonderful travel magazines of the concerned destination. You may highlight some shopping tips.

Attractive offers

Since there are many low cost airlines these days, you should be different and remembered for some good reason. Offer some lucrative deals like heavy discount on early booking reserved for first 20 customers or lucky draw coupon for a free trip or gifts for a couple travelling together, free holiday guidebooks for a family of 4 members travelling together to a holiday destination.

Get set go. Fly with pride.

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22 Jan 11 Tips for ‘Good Start’ of a Day

Each day is special, new and source of hope. Well, saying is easy but often found difficult in real for those who start their day in an average way with stress of work. Start it with a fresh mind, fresh endeavor so that your entire day falls into place and you even go to bed at night with a cheerful spirit. Start each day with a fresh gush of energy. Just follow these few simple tips.

Green is truly evergreen

Green is a color depicting youth, life and newness. Once you wake up from the bed, look for some green plants around you. It’s always advised to have some plants in and around the house. Step out to your terrace or balcony and see the green trees in front. If there’s a park in front of you there’s nothing like it. Green rejuvenates, brings lot of freshness in life. It also keeps eyes good.

Little bit of exercise

A healthy and happy mind resides in a fit body only. So exercise every morning. It will not only keep you fit and active but also in shape. If you like yourself on the mirror, naturally you will be happy. You may hit a fitness center or aerobic and dance classes or practice yoga. Do whichever suits you and you like to. You may simply watch some video tutorials of experts and practice at home. Make sure the ambience is good, fosters freshness. If you have a nice backyard garden or terrace, do exercise there. Being close to nature, it will make you feel better all the more.

Breakfast of your choice

If tummy is happy you are happy too. Start your day with a lovely wholesome breakfast. When we rush to work half fed we start a day with negative thoughts already. So make sure you grab a good wholesome breakfast everyday. If you don’t get much time to prepare, you may prepare it before and store in fridge or grab some ready to eat ones. But a healthy nice start will make you happy. Make sure you don’t grab the same breakfast in all days of a week. Treat yourself with different breakfasts each day.

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21 Dec 09 Why Watching Movie is Important For a Writer

Where I come from, a kid is not allowed to watch much of the television, at least not in my time. Kids have to sneak in their home’s living room when no one is around. This was done to save the young from damaging effect of television soaps. I do not think stopping a kid from watching television or movie is completely wise as it may stifle the imagination.

As a writer (freelance, web or otherwise), are you doing it to yourself?

Are you stopping yourself from consuming those lovely shows and soaps that you always liked?
If you are doing this then it is a big mistake, a huge one. You need to stop at once and start indulging in movies, soaps, and plays.


A movie is a fertile ground for a writer to learn trick of the trade. It teaches you many things including:

  • Character sketching
  • Emotional responses
  • Dialogue writing
  • Scene creation
  • Story telling

And along with these story mechanics, a good movie also tells you:

  • How to engage an audience?
  • How to make them wanting for more?
  • What words to use to strike chord with the audience?
  • What style of narrative to use for the problem at hand?

A movie also tells you about your market and about what words to use, what kind of sentences to construct, and how long or short sentences and paragraphs should be. One also learns the art of creating favorable ambience to get the emotional response sought by the article.

It is very important for you as a student of writing to watch movie and learn from it. Be a keen observer, and do not just consume a movie, observe it. In order to learn something from the movie, you have to dissect the various scene and emotional responses that led to the dramatic ending the movie had. You can then use it to create the experience you want in your audience.

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