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20 May 10 The Basic Table Manners

Table manners are equally important and same in any part of the world. Good table manners should be learnt right from the childhood. Proper table manners make both host and guest feel at ease, comfortable, confident and happy. Whether it’s a formal dinner or a casual party, table manners will be common everywhere. Follow the given tips below.

Take your seat with grace and panache. Sit up straight, yet comfortably. Don’t slouch or lean back in your chair.

Most commonly committed mistake is talking with mouth full of food. It’s a strict ‘no no’ and looks very unpleasant. If you have to speak gracefully take a real small bite, tuck into your cheek with your tongue, then speak softly and in short.

A big turn off are the people chewing noisily. This is one fundamental table manner. Such noisy eating habit is not only distracting and unappetizing, but also embarrassing.

Pick only moderate forkful size bites. Cut meat and salads into small pieces before putting into mouth, so that the excess parts do not hang from your mouth.

Don’t rush. Eat leisurely. Enjoy it! Eat with grace and style. Slow eating not only facilitates good digestion, but also shows your interest in food and the company. Hastened eating shows disrespect towards the host and apathy towards food.

Don’t wave utensils like knives, forks in the air. Besides chances of unwanted accidents it also shows your immaturity and hyper nature.

Keep your elbows off the dining table. Besides occupying space it can also cause dangerous knock-down of utensils, resulting into severe mess all around. Elbow rested on table make you lean and appear slouching.

Don’t get in the way of people eating or talking. Always look behind, make sure you didn’t step into his extreme proximity, disturbing his eating or talking process.

Common courteous words like – ‘thank you’, ‘please’, ‘excuse me’, ‘beg your pardon’ are not to be ignored. These handy words are of great help.

When you are through with your eating, don’t forget to compliment the cook. It’s his great culinary skill that made your evening so special. Thank him from bottom of your heart. Even if the meal was not so pleasant, leave a thanks note. It always encourages him to do better next time.

After eating don’t forget to wipe your lips with napkin. Leaving smudged stains on the edge of wine glasses are surely unappealing.

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