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05 Jul 10 Tips for Effective Public Speaking

At times, even great talent, knowledge and wisdom take backseat, in the fear of public speaking. Don’t let yourself go unnoticed, unappreciated, unexplored just for the apparent fear of speaking in public. Be heard. Be proactive. If you know the subject, if you strongly believe in it and you are confident shoot it in the public, without arrogance. And witness mesmerized audience, convinced audience looking up to you with admiration and respect. Initially you may hinder in public speaking worrying and fearing about your surroundings. These guidelines will help you to overcome the irrelevant fear and evolve as a good public speaker.

Know the subject

Knowledge is most important while speaking. And extensive reading boosts knowledge. Learn as much as you can, it will always help in speaking. Before you speak, do your homework. Make sure you know the subject before speaking. Your words should add value to the subject and not just fill space.

Speak loud and clear

Speak clearly, without mumbling or mispronouncing. Be careful while speaking in front of non-native speakers. At the same time be audible enough for the size of audience and room, ambience and noise around. Be loud, but don’t shout. Hold microphone properly to be heard. Keep a check on the voice modulation.

Avoid unnecessary filler words

Always avoid filler words like ‘okay’, ‘actually’, ‘you know’, ‘um’, ‘and and’, ‘kinda’, ‘sorta’ and the like. They bore the audience, show shallowness and your lack of confidence and knowledge of what you want to say next. It shows your poor vocabulary. Many people find such weak words to be cool and happening, but it’s just in the college campus. Cut this habit of yours.

Stand straight and confident

Standing posture speaks of confidence. Stand erect, shoulders back, weight evenly distributed on both feet and knees relaxed. Don’t keep moving or shaking legs and heels. It shows nervousness and it’s distracting too. Movements should be outcome of a purpose.

Hand gesture

Your hand gestures speak of your confidence level, state of mind and conviction power. Your hands can visually illustrate your intended message. Avoid negative gestures like hand clasping, hands in pocket, fumbling objects.

Eye contact

Don’t forget to look into the audience’s eyes. Make proper eye contact with confidence rather than gazing at ceiling, wall, floor or other objects in the surrounding.

That’s all it takes to make the first move. Once you are into it, there’s no look back. You will just improve with each trial. Gear up for the public speaking.

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