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24 Aug 11 Tips for Promoting a Library on Internet, Targeted Towards the Youth

These days reading habit has witnessed a diminishing fall among the younger generation. Well, blame it on lifestyle or availability of too many options nowadays kids do not like to read much and prefer television watching, Internet surfing and going to pub with friends over reading in leisure time. Libraries these days are vacant and mostly occupied by old retired people, as not much youngsters are keen to take membership. How to deal with such problem, when youngsters prefer Internet over a library? Here are some tips.

When youngsters are so frequent to Internet these days, make the most of it and use it as a medium to reach them and draw them to the library.

Build an interactive website

It’s very important to have your presence on the Internet, and tell your target group that you are not behind any globally renowned library. This will make your library appear updated, concerned about changing trend and demand. But building a website won’t be enough. You need to be different from others and the more interactive your website is the higher the chances you have to captivate the younger audience. You may make it interactive by keeping interesting down-loadable widgets, virtual bookmarks for eBook reading, puzzles, riddles etc.

Facebook can be a great tool

Since these days every person is on Facebook and it is such a rage among the young people, make the most of it. Make a page for your library and draw fans. Run contests for free gifts or discount on membership fee, discount for referring to a friend, free stationeries like bookmarks, stick on pads, pens etc. You may run interesting polls and frequently update status to keep your target group interested. You may also buy Facebook advertisement space and advertise your library there.

New updates

You may dedicate a section in your website called ‘News’ or ‘what’s new?’ where you can talk about the new additions in your library. You may send similar message through newsletters, blog updates and Facebook or Twitter. People should know that your library is not age old and outdated. Talk about new books in brief and the author’s details.

Issue a book and get a DVD free for 15 days

Youngsters are more interested in seeing interesting films, shows, soaps, documentaries than reading books always. Lure them with your audio-video collection and issue an extra DVD for next 15 days when issuing a book for home. This way they will remain more motivated to take home book and read within 15 days time.

What are you waiting for? Try these ideas right away.

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