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02 Oct 11 3 Things You Shouldn’t Ask First at the Interview Desk

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Job interviews are crucial points of an individual’s life, where one either succeeds with sheer pride and evolves as a winner or crumbles into pieces of frustration and lack of confidence for whole life. Well here are some tips for the interview desk, explaining there are some typical questions that you shouldn’t ask first in any circumstances. Let the interviewer give you some hint, then only shoot your questions. Here they are.

Do not ask about salary first

This is a major mistake often seen among the youngsters and fresh candidates at the interview desk. Many youngsters join jobs, especially easy to get through kind of jobs just because of salary attraction. What they fail to see is that the company is hiring them for some good reasons of its profit, not to do charity. All that interest them is salary package. Often such candidates turn really impatient and just cannot wait till the interviewer asks him or her about expected salary package. Such candidate looks for an opportunity and whenever the interviewer is found little quiet, soon shoots questions like ‘How much are you planning to pay for this job?’ or ‘What will be my salary package if I am chosen for it?’ Well, such questions may not only irritate the interviewer, you may also lose chance to impress him forever. Ask about salary package only when the interviewer gives you come hint or asks you directly about your expected salary figure. Too much proactive effort from your side will invariably send wrong messages across.

Do not ask about the company’s background first

Do not forget, it is you who is being interviewed; not the person sitting across the table. Maintain interview decorum. Too much of interest and questions may make you appear too bossy, picky and irritating. It is good if you have queries in store for the interviewer, it is always appreciated. But shooting such questions at the wrong time may spoil your entire effort. Shoot all questions you have regarding the company background or places of operation or anything specific about the job profile – only when you are asked. The interviewer may specifically ask you ‘Do you have any questions to ask?’ and that time you can shoot your questions. If you are not asked, towards end of the interview process you may proactively ask some questions. But keep it short. Make sure questions are sensible, smart, logical and not personal.

Do not ask personal questions

Often the interviewer makes the candidate feel relaxed, at ease and comfortable. Interviewer may crack some jokes, share light moments to see how you are exactly behind the shield of formal attire. But such atmosphere doesn’t permit you to forget all interview decorum and get personal. Even if the situation is light hearted do not suddenly get personal and shoot questions like ‘Sir, what does your name mean?’ or ‘Madam how many years you have been working in this company?’ Such abrupt questions may instantly make the interviewer feel uncomfortable

Follow these tips and do not make a mistake being proactive at the interview desk.

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