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17 Dec 10 How to De-stress yourself After Work?

Do you return home with a stressed out face and exhausted mood every day? Does your family life get affected of your hectic work schedule? You are not an exception. You are merely victim of modern lifestyle stained by professional hassles and pressure it brings along. When we can’t change the professional hazard, we can definitely work on ourselves and make us strong enough to face the professional stress and come back home with a relaxed mood.

Here are few tips for your help.

Don’t carry work to home

Many of us often commit the mistake of carrying pending work home and working overnight on the same. It not only brings stress to us, but also frustrates other family members. They feel deprived of your precious time and company. If you are a family person and have kids in the house, they may feel distant and neglected. Keep your work limited within your office only. Stay late, finish work and come home relaxed.

Mentally switch off immediately after work

Many of us don’t carry work home, but just can’t forget office work even after leaving office. Remember even if you are not physically occupied with work, you may be mentally occupied. Learn to mentally switch off too immediately after work. Don’t come back home with work related worries, office conversations lingering over phone, mails. Just switch yourself off, if not your phone. Don’t overdo your office happening descriptions with family members. They may feel bored.

Pretend to be happy

Your stress and depressed face will make your beloved ones unhappy too. Try to come home with a smile on your face. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, pretend to be happy. Initially it will be frustrating, but slowly your fake smile will turn into your natural smile and you will come back home with a genuinely happy mood. Talk to all, laugh together, eat together, watch television together, and go out for movies or dinner. Soon you will wait for every evening and come back home with sheer energy.

Keep an evening program

Often aimless evening doesn’t motivate us enough to return home on time. Keep a program scheduled for every evening post work, inspiring you to return home as soon as work is finished. It could be cooking, decorating room, dining out with family, watching film at home – anything of your choice.

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06 Nov 10 Natural Cure of High Blood Pressure

If soaring blood pressure (more than 140/90) has been worrying you, it’s time to reconstruct your lifestyle rather than depending on medicines. Unless it becomes too serious and out of control high blood pressure can be easily controlled with some natural therapies and lifestyle reconstruction. With a controlled and better lifestyle one can curb high blood pressure problems and avoid or reduce usage of medicines.

If you are wondering where to start from, here are some tips for you.

Shed those extra pounds

Too much of weight definitely increases risk of high blood pressure, which may eventually even result into heart problems or cardiac attacks. Even 10 pound loss can immensely affect your blood pressure. Consult a doctor and find out your body’s ideal weight and height ratio. Then work towards achieving it. Go to gym, exercise daily, swim, practice yoga, maintain slimming diet, and do power walk and whatever helps you to shed those extra pounds.

Maintain strict waistline

An increasing waistline is a signal of rising blood pressure and heart disease risks. Globally men should be alert when their waist measures more than 40 inches and 35 inches in case of women. Sit up exercises, bending, stretching can be helpful besides many more exercises.

Physical activities or exercises

Fitness is the key to solve high blood pressure problem. Exercise daily, at least for 30 minutes or get into sports. It also curbs hypertension. Regular exercises will regulate blood circulation and make you physically fit and energetic. Start your day with 30 minutes power packed exercise regime or sports and see the difference in front of mirror. It will make you feel fresh and rejuvenated from within.

Healthy diet

Give up junks and start eating healthy. Include grains, green veggies, fruits, low fat dairy products, and low cholesterol food items in your diet. Reduce intake of sodium – whether in form of salt or salt containing food items like potato chips, frozen meat, processed food. If your blood pressure is very high, it’s recommended to avoid salt consumption, completely.

Drink less alcohol

Too much of alcohol, supposedly, more than one drink a day for women and more than 2 drinks a day for men are considered as highly alarming. Having too many drinks at a row and at a fast pace can cause sudden hike of blood pressure, besides many more health problems.

Avoid tobacco and caffeine

Give up smoking habit. Nicotine in tobacco cause sudden rise of blood pressure. Also avoid passive smoking. It can also increase blood pressure and cause heart diseases. Avoid too much of coffee or other caffeinated beverages.

Avoid stress

Stress is one major cause of high blood pressure. Find out sources of stress in your life. It could be anything – work, study, relationship, illness, finance. Now try to reduce the trouble. Practice deep breathing, yoga, meditation, light exercises. It will keep you fresh and energized from within.

Try these, today!

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22 Oct 10 How to Enhance Memory?

Who doesn’t want to own a sharp memory? But very few of us have a good memory. Some are born, blessed with it; whereas the rest cultivate it. Whatever be the process, we all cherish if we carry a good memory. Here are some tips, which can boost memory power.

Divide and remember

At times it’s very difficult to remember names and numbers if they are too long like 9910288479 or Padmaramaswamigovardhan. What you can do is divide these numbers and words into parts and remember them effectively. Like, 99-102-88-479 or Padma-rama-swami-govar-dhan. All you have to do is divide the words or numbers into smaller parts and remembering them in bits and pieces. Breaking them and grouping few together always works. Try it.


Rhyming helps especially when it comes to memorizing names, words or phrases. It not only helps in memorizing, but also makes one creative and increases power of vocabulary. There can also be words which sound similar but carry different meanings like Rome/Roam, Scene/Seen.

Pen down whatever you wish to remember

It’s often said writing makes things memorable and perfect. It’s true. If you tend to forget things, try to jot them down. You will not only remember things, but also your spelling gets better. Try to write many times. It will help you to remember. Carry the writing with you or make sure it’s on the wall before you so that you see it many times. Seeing will make you believe in it and remember it.

Recall and recite it before going to bed

Before you go to sleep at night, recall whatever you were supposed to remember. Recite things and also plan what you have to do next day. In sleep, our mind arranges things, synchronizes into a meaningful and systematic way; making things easier to remember.


Don’t panic if you tend to forget things. Don’t try too hard to recall. Take it easy. Rather relax and don’t try. When you are relaxing, things will automatically come to your mind and pop up in memory. If you are anxious, stressed or too worried to recall, you tend to forget even more.

Mediate and exercise

Meditation early in the morning, followed by some light exercises not only keeps one fit, but also soothes nerves, mind, body and soul. A relaxed mind stays calm and remembers more.

Practice these and see the difference.

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