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01 Nov 09 Google’s View of the Future of the Web

Google has changed the way we search or surf the net. It has also significantly influenced our e-mailing and chat behavior. Thanks to Google for keeping history of our chats in Gmail itself, it makes important conversation easily accessible to us, and also save us from saving the chat in text files.

This very company has now wore a predictor hat and predicting that the future of the web lies in the hands of Chinese language contents and social media. Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt in his 45-minute long interview in front of thousands of CIOs and IT Directors at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Orlando 2009 made many interesting prediction about the future of the Internet.

You can view the complete interview by clicking on 45-minute long interview of Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt, but for those who do not wish to go through all 45 minutes, I am providing here the key points from the interview.

Highlights of Eric Schmidt’s Interview

  • In 5 years, Chinese language content will dominate the web.
  • Teenagers who jump from application to application seamlessly are the model of tomorrow’s web.
  • Broadband will reach 100mbps in 5-year time.
  • The distinction between TV, radio and web from distribution point of view will vanish in 5 years.
  • Google is making significant money from YouTube.
  • Eric Schmidt believes that future will have more video oriented content.
  • Google wants to include real time information in its search result.
  • Computing power will improve significantly in next 5 years.
  • User generated content will have more audience then any traditional source.
  • Google OS Netbook will be available from 2010.

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31 Oct 09 How Can I Preview Attachments in Gmail

I once used Rediffmail for mails, and before that it was Hotmail, but since 2004, I, like many others, am using Gmail. In the initial days Gmail was just like another mail, and what drove people to Gmail was Google’s promise and unlimited space.

That was it, but then came the lab feature which changed the game of e- mailing. Gmail became a system, and it started providing one-stop solution for many a thing. The latest addition to the list of Gmail lab feature is Google Docs preview.

Google has made it possible for us to preview content of Google Docs document, spreadsheet, and presentation files inside the mail. This feature is new addition and to enable this feature you need to go to setting and then to lab.

Once in the lab, you should enable previews for other content type as well. Google allows you to preview YouTube videos, Picasa and Flickr images within the mail itself. You can even preview Yelp listing inside your Gmail.

You can also listen to the voice mails that you received from inside your mail. There are many more features in the Gmail labs that are worth enabling. I have been using it for quite some time now.

It is only when you used Gmail lab features that you come to know that Gmail is much more than unlimited space. Unlike every other mail, Gmail is not just a mail, but it’s a system that has many cool features.

Go now and enable features in lab and witness the change in the mailing experience. You will be as thrilled as I am about the cool features of Gmail.

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25 Aug 09 Any Taker for HTML5?

January 2008 is history now, and so is HTML5. Confused? HTML5 is the latest version of the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). If it is the latest version then why am I calling it history?  You have a point, and let’s check the validity of the claim.

The version of HTML we are currently using is 4.01 (the fourth version) that allow us to use tags, embed images and videos by using other scripts or plug-ins, and use other languages within HTML tags. HTML5 is going to improve this, and it is also going to add native support for video and audio files (

The first working draft on HTML5 specification was released in January 2008, and the latest draft with HTML5 specification has been published today, August 25, 2009 (you can read this specification draft by clicking on the link). Now, before we talk any further, let’s take a look at what major changes HTML5 does bring about.

List of some major changes in HTML version 5:

  • Keeping in mind, the latest trend in web development, HTML5 has included some new tags like
  • has replaced the complex DOCTYPE used by HTML up to current version.
  • Elements like , , and have also been removed from HTML5.
  • Less used elements like , , , and have also been removed.

Click on the following link to know how HTML5 is different from HTML4.

The web development we know is going to change with HTML5, and it will happen as soon as major browsers develop support for it. If you are a developer then I will strongly recommend updating yourself with new HTML5 tags. If you start now, you will have the first mover’s advantage. You can test your test pages on either Firefox 3.1 +, or Safari 3.1+.

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