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20 May 09 Find Your Dream Job, Whether They’re Hiring Or Not

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You’re not going to find your dream job by searching internet job boards, or Google-ing for openings at companies that you would love to work for.  Mostly because a large majority of corporations just don’t have the time or effort necessary to commit to that scale of a job search.  Simply put, it takes much too much of a company’s vital resources to start a hiring period, unless it’s absolutely necessary.  Mostly because the company needs somebody to overlook and run the process, usually a dedicated employee concentrating only on finding the right people throughout the hiring process.  Not everyone can free up a salary and spot in the corporation for such a person.

Which is exactly why it’s much more proactive and you’ll net better results by finding jobs for yourself, instead of waiting for them to pop up on the job boards.  What you need to do is network yourself.  Find the companies you would like to work for, or the jobs that you want, and get connected to them.

First, search for the people you want to work for, whether they seem to have any job openings or not.  You might just have exactly what they didn’t even know they were looking for.  Next you want to get in touch with their human resources department, as in almost every case, HR handles employee hiring and terminations.  Although another common tactic, but one with a lower rate of success, is to contact management heads.  This can either pay off completely, or fail miserably, as managers usually have very busy schedules, and if you don’t impress almost immediately, you are doomed to be completely forgotten.

From here you basically want to send a friendlier variation on the sort of cover letter you would send with your resume.  Make your intentions clear, that you’re interested in a job, introduce yourself, and personalize everything to let them know your qualifications shortlist and why you want to work for that company.  Try that enough and you’re bound to find somebody that didn’t even know they needed you, thereby landing a much better job than you could have found searching for the umpteenth time.

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