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02 Dec 10 How to Promote a Celebrity on the Internet?

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Celebrity is addressed as a ‘celebrity’, since he or she has already witnessed soaring popularity meter, draws maximum eyeballs and makes heads turn wherever he goes, asks for huge bucks even for a five-minutes show and even his slightest right or wrong move creates wave all over. But still, celebrities are confronted with constant threat of being replaced by a rival or new entrant or being forgotten by the people. Since people are too technology savvy these days, Internet is one good medium to come close to the people and keep up the popularity among fans and followers.

Here are some popular ways of celebrity promotion on Internet.

Own a Facebook page

There’s no other social networking site as powerful, as popular as Facebook. To reach out to the fans and keep them updated with the latest work a celebrity can own a page. It’s a great way to increase the fan and follower base. Just by putting a ‘like’ button the celebrity can achieve millions of followers. A celebrity can post his or her latest pictures, events to attend, achievements, recent offerings and work and all on his page, for the followers to cherish a piece of the celebrity’s life. A celebrity can also treat his fans and followers with regular status updates, reply to comments and frequent updates. It’s a great way to keep up the popularity high. One can do every bit of Facebooking from a mobile phone.

Twitter is magical

Twitter is one more platform to build up a huge base of followers. Twitter also offers high credibility by authenticating a celebrity with verified member status. Twitter is a great tool to let the world know what the celebrity is doing every moment, where he or she is heading to, what he is eating, whom he is meeting, what’s his plan for the day, whom is he dating and partying with. Such updates keep fans hooked onto Twitter, staying in touch with every bit of the celebrity. Twitter also allows celebrities to post personal pictures and upload posts immediately, even from mobile phone.


Personal blog is one more personalized way of a celebrity to reach out to its fans and followers. Regular blog posts are a must to keep up the interest of its visitors. It’s like reflection of a celebrity where he or she can freely express his thoughts, ideas, goals, dreams – anything under the sun. Blogs are highly interactive as readers not only read actively, but also drop comments and come back regularly.

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