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07 Jul 11 Tips for Web Promotion of Budget Hotel

A budget hotel has a high level of demand in every place, since there is always a big segment of people who travel with a tight budget yet wish to enjoy vacations. These days, many people with limited budget do an online research before setting out for the vacation with family and friends. The reason can be many – they don’t wish to end up in an expensive hotel for lack of information about availability of budget hotel, time wastage etc. If you have a budget hotel and wish to get more and more visitors, try to promote it online. Here are some guidelines.


Foremost important thing for selling is getting seen or heard. This rule applies for your business too. If people are looking for budget hotels on Internet, and your hotel is not listed, you have already lost the battle. Who will know about you and come to you if you are not getting seen or heard? So, start search engine optimization of your website. Use keywords effectively in your websites or blogs, and make sure you have a high ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

Get listed in travel websites

People may not land up in your website or do a direct search; they may go to popular travel portals. So you need to tie up with all good travel portals. At the cost of some expense you can reap huge response from these sites. Online flight and hotel booking sites are to be considered as well. Not only people may get to know about you and contact you; but may also do online booking right from the travel portals. You may pay some commission to the intermediate site in between, but it is worth of money spent.

Some positive reviews can be helpful

Some positive reviews by past visitors can be extremely helpful for you. Your website may carry some real good reviews and these should look authentic and original. Paid reviews may not help you in the long run.

Tariff should be clear

There shouldn’t be any confusion regarding the hotel room tariff. State it clearly, by mentioning the kind of room you are offering. You may put pictures along with rates, for further understanding of the prospect. If you are offering off-seasonal discount, mention that.

Facebook fan page

A Facebook fan page will not only keep your past visitors connected to you and promote repetitive visit, but also draw lot of new people. Keep updating your fan page with latest happenings, events, offerings, rates etc.

What are waiting for? Get started with the online promotion.

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28 Jan 11 How to Satisfy Your Visitors with Your Writing in 2011

We have come a long way since we first started typing words and sentences for the website. The novelty factor associated with reading “free content” has long been overspent. People now get free content delivered to their mails in tons. Even the use of keywords in all types of tags has long passed its “use by date” mark.

In 2011, SEO and writing is going to change big time as the rules of SEO game has changed and so has the readers’ mindset. People have stopped paying attention to copy that looks crappy, as lot of bad content has been littered on the Internet.

Not just the search engines, but users even are a lot more conscious of the value your content adds to his or her life, and after the introduction of snapshot feature in Google SERP, it has become more difficult for badly written content to make its way to the customers’ computer. Even when it gets a chance to get there, they are quickly thrown out.

So how to make a content interesting both for people and machine?

To make your content interesting for your readers you need to do the following:

  • Use the language that your visitors converse in.
  • Provide them the value they are looking for.
  • Do not just write anything. Do a research before delving into the actual writing process.
  • Read blog comments, forum posts, and watch YouTube videos to see what your customers are getting and what their requirements are.

Following the handful of tips given above will take your writing business to all new height, but how to make the same content accessible for machines (search engine bots).

If you are new to the field then the fact that you have to write content for machines as well may make you cringe, but this is what we all have been doing since always in the name of SEO content. We have been working to satisfy the needs of machine, so that it could display our websites when visitors come searching information on the topic we are writing.

To make your content standout with machines you need to do the following:

  • Do not write for the machine. Even it does not want anything to be written exclusively for it.
  • Place important keywords and other related terms at appropriate places.
  • Do not go overboard with optimization.
  • Write with audience in mind and SEO should be the secondary thought.

Content written for the two groups that we talked about above should not be mutually exclusive. You need to write content that meets the needs of both of them. This is not very difficult, all you need to do is practice.

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15 Dec 10 How to Find a Genuine Recruiter on Internet?

Internet is not only an engaging medium, but also a paying medium for many. It brings bread and butter for many houses, depending on Web based work. Internet is certainly a blessing, but its nature is again a challenge for the medium itself. Many people work together on Internet through mails, chats, voice chats without even knowing each other personally. Such relationship works on trust. There are many cases where the employee is c heated by the recruiter and faces immense loss. Don’t let it happen to yourself. If you can’t ensure 100%, you can still ensure till a much extent about getting hired by an authentic recruiter.

These guidelines may help you.

Take help of a medium

When you are new on Internet and don’t know which recruiter is trustworthy approach recruiters through websites. Many freelance websites take responsibility and ask employees to file a complaint against recruiter when cheated or abused. When approached with the right set of proofs they also ban the recruiter from its website. Find such websites and look for work over there. Make sure you communicate only through the website and you have all communication history stored over there. Once you work with a client and think he is good enough you can work with him in future, while communicating directly.

Read testimonials or search by recruiter’s name

When you are working with a client for the first time, make sure you get the maximum information about him or her. Don’t fall for a new client easily, choose an experienced recruiter. Read all testimonials or reviews about the recruiter on the website. See what past employees had to say about the recruiter – how many thumbs up and how many down are there. It may be an eye opener for you. If there’s no testimonial or if you have some doubt and wish to know further search his name on search engines and find out more about him or her.

Ask for required detail

If you can’t become too personal with the recruiter for work sake you can definitely ask for some personal detail like – full name, contact number, city, mail address, communication mode etc.

Make things clear

Never take things for granted. Whatever terms were discussed make sure you have a proof either on Internet history or you both sign a mutually agreed upon contract paper. Discuss about nature of work, specific requirements, deadline, mode of communication for clarifications, mode and terms of payment etc in advance.

Ask for some advance payment

Don’t feel shy to ask for some advance money before you start working together. It will keep both of you feel assured, happy and motivated. You may take 25% of the total work in advance, 25% after submission of first draft and the rest of 50% after final submission of work.

Now, finding a trustworthy recruiter won’t be difficult anymore.

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