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25 Oct 09 Rules of Press Release Writing

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Writing a press release is as much a science as it is an art. You cannot afford to go wrong on the science part of the press release writing, if you want to strike chord with the journalists. Your press release will not get picked, if you have not adhered to the set standard for writing press releases, no matter how eloquent your language skills are. Follow the rules written below, and you will see a significant improvement in your press release writing skills. Before you go further, you can click on the following link, if you want to know about structure of a press release.

Rule 1: Length of a press release

A press release should not be longer than one A4 (8.5”X11”) size paper. Divide your press release into 4 to 5 small paragraphs.

Rule 2: Rules related to Quotations

Do not use more than two quotations in the press release. And do not start a press release with a quotation. Quotations should come not earlier than the third paragraph. Only use quotations that come from the person behind the news or from CEO of the company.

Rule 3: Company information

You must include “About the company” at the bottom of the press release.

Rule 4: Contact person

The contact details written at the bottom of the press release should be working. Do not put any phone number of e-mail id for the heck of it. Provide contact details of a person who is in charge of the media releases. This is important because you never know which journalist needs more info and hence end up contacting.

Rule 5: Proper place and date

Start a press release with giving a proper place and complete date.

Rule 6: Include ### sign

### marks the end of the press release, so you should not forget to add this.

I have provided a proper format of a press release in the previous article titled, structure of a press release. Do read it.

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