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24 Nov 09 5 Still More Reasons Why You Should Join Twitter

Twitter gives you an insight into what people are doing online. This is a kind of action directory made by average users. Every vote, every inclusion counts on twitter. That is why I have showed you 10 benefits of joining twitter through two posts so far (5 Reasons to Join Twitter, and 5 More Reasons to Join Twitter). This is the third and last post that will try again to convince the non-twitteres to join the big league.

Reason 1: To follow your favorite celebrity

We all strive to know more about our favorite movie star, favorite sports star, politicians, etc., and our need to know more about them is fulfilled by magazines, news papers, televisions, and grapevine. None of the mediums are reliable. They feed us lie, but twitter does not because on twitter we can directly here from what celebrities has to say about themselves and their colleagues. Follow the celebrity that got batch of authentication from twitter.

Reason 2: To follow online celebrities

Celebrities are not made in Hollywood and sports alone. There are many online celebs that are worth following, in other words, following these celebrities is worth more than following some Hollywood guys or girls. Online celebs are people who have made it big on the Internet.

Reason 3: To follow your favorite website or blog

Twitter has become a regular in any marketing plan, which means the website or blog you read must be on twitter. Following them will give you information about updates on each one of them directly in your twitter.

Reason 4: Follow events and conferences

As I said, most of them who matter are on twitter. Hence, following twitter will also keep you in the know about development on any event. It will also tell you who has said or saying what in the conference, and if you are the organizer of any event or conference, you will get to know what attendees think about it.

Reason 5: To learn something new

I read something on the Internet, got excited by it, and decided to share, so I twitted it. This is how many people are using twitter, which has turned twitter into a big referral system. From here, you can learn about whatever you want. Twitter has become a gigantic learning center.

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