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16 Sep 11 Essential Tips for Video Conference Interviews

These days interviews are no longer limited within face-to-face meetings where both parties are seated at two ends of a table. Interviews have taken altogether different approach these days. Traditional interviews have been replaced by telecommunication interviews and interviews via video conferencing on the web. Such modern interviews require different approach, attitude and practice altogether. New trends require new techniques. Here are some tips for your help.

Don’t forget it’s LIVE

At times people forget that they are giving interview through video conferencing and that is mainly because of the ease in which they give interview right from home, sitting in front of their PC while the pet dog is sitting at a corner. But don’t forget video conferencing is no different from the face-to-face interviews. In video conferencing you are not only seen but also heard just like any face-to-face interviews. You are observed carefully, your actions and reactions are noticed and you are very much LIVE. It’s just that your half of the body is seen and the interviewer doesn’t come to know if you are formally dressed at the bottom or not. They won’t even realize if you stink or if you are wearing a dirty pair of socks, as they can’t touch, smell and feel you. But since entire attention is on the part that’s visible, it’s even harder to convey the best possible message.

You don’t have a second chance to get back

Always remember, in case of interview through video conferencing you may not get another chance to get back to the interviewer and explain your point. Videoconferences are generally scheduled with a limited time frame in mind. Once you have been asked a question you need to answer immediately. In case of physical face to face interview you may still afford to buy some time under the disguise of arranging presentation or taking out resume from the folder; but in case of video conferencing you need to be prompt and you can’t escape their eyes on you, since they are unable to see the surrounding distractions and every eye is just on you. In physical form of interview if you forget to present some assignments and projects or convey a message you can again knock at the door and come back for a minute. But in case of video interviewing the call may end abruptly and your chance of re-appearance will go off forever. Similarly your every expression will count and will be observed since your face is in center of their attention. Try to sound genuine, look genuine and always answer with firm voice yet humble approach and a smile.

Now, go for it. The world is all yours.

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