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29 Aug 09 Write A More Appealing Headline

If you write anything on the internet, for which you hope to garner attention, you absolutely need a good headline.  Studies have shown that 8-10 web surfers will notice your page based upon the headline of an article alone.  But that number drops to 2-10 after that headline is read, which means you need to always make sure that your headline is as interesting, as well as informative, as possible.  In order to beat that popular curve, and drive more traffic to your site, you need a headline that is going to pull in the readers.

That means using the right keywords.  If we’re talking about the videogame world, for example, you want to throw out the name of the platform you’re talking about immediately.  That means emphasizing “Xbox 360” or “Wii” as that’s where most of your searches are going to come from.  But after that, it’s how you use the keyword to your advantage.

You want a good short headline, that’s going to catch someone’s attention, while informing them of why they want to read your article.  For example, sticking to the videogame world, something like “How To Beat Your Friends On Xbox 360” isn’t really going to pull anybody in.  Sounds too generic, uninformed, and also doesn’t excite the audience for what your writing can do for them, not to mention it’s much too long.  “Dominate The Xbox 360” is a much more concise crowd grabber, more general, so as to lure in a broader interest.  Plus the shorter headline just makes you feel more pumped to read the article, and get what you can from the information.

Go for big keywords, short headlines, and use gripping vocabulary.  Words that really jump out and grab people, so that they have no choice but to read what you’ve written.  Remember, your headline is your first introduction to your piece, so try and make sure it’s something that people will want to read.

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13 Jun 09 Make Yourself Stand Out In An Interview

Anytime that an economy takes a hit, like the global economy has been for a while now, the job market become much, much more competitive.  This is simply because there are fewer jobs available in a recession, which makes it all the more important for you to make yourself stand out from other applicants, increasing your chances of landing that new job.  Of course work history and qualifications can be key, but those are only necessary to land an interview, after that whether you get the job or not is based solely on your ability to wow the interviewer.  Here are a few pointers you can take advantage of, to make yourself look like the perfect candidate every time.

- Firstly, dress appropriately.  I shouldn’t even have to mention this one, but some people undervalue the importance of looking well groomed and professional.  In other words, always leave the jeans and sneakers at home.

- Research, research, research.  Make sure you know the company you’re interviewing with as well as possible.  The in’s and out’s of what the company is about, how they function, and the goals they are working towards as specifically as possible.  The more information you know the easier that you can help conversation freely flow, which makes you look like a person interested and informed in the company to which you are applying.  That is always good.

- Ask real questions about the company and the position to outline your interest and willingness to get and excel at the job to which you are applying.   Don’t try to control the interview with your questions however, as that tactic fails about as often as it succeeds, but make yourself appear as interested as you are in the position.  Always do what you can to let the interviewer know that you want the job.

- Don’t be afraid to talk yourself up.  This is your interview, don’t waste your time by not making yourself look like the ideal candidate for the position to which you applied.  Go in confident, and outline the features you have that make you a fantastic candidate for the job, including your desire to do the job.  Stay away from suggesting you are the perfect candidate however, as this is more of a form statement made by too many people, and means nothing more than you are just trying to get a job.  Show real interest, it will make all the difference.

Of course there are many other factors that can determine how well an interview goes and your likelihood of getting a job after applying, but following those four steps is a fantastic start to helping you stand out from the rest of the applicants.

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