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19 Nov 09 Learn to Write a Website Review – Beyond the Basic

In Learn to Write a Website Review, I outlined the framework of basic website review. If you are writing a basic website review then you only need to focus on design, navigation, content, and focus elements of a website. But a more complex website review will require you to focus many more elements after keeping all the elements of basic review in place. I would suggest you to read about basic Website Review before reading this post. I must tell you that writing more detailed review is more time consuming in comparison to the basic ones.


The first thing that should come after design, navigation, content, and focus elements in a website review is the fundamental check. You need to find out the following in a fundamental check:

  • Is the navigation intuitive?
  • Are the hyperlinks working properly?
  • Is there any broken link?
  • Does the website have a site map?
  • Are the internal pages properly links with the home page and among themselves?


Once you have verified the fundamentals of the website, you need to find out how effective website will be, and in order to do that try finding answers to the following questions:

  • How difficult or easy it will be for a visitor to understand the purpose of the website?
  • Will the visitors easily accomplish the goal the webmaster has in mind while creating the website?
  • How much time will it take for the visitors to find out the core of the website?
  • What element or elements will create hurdle in visitors’ mind?


Almost all the websites has a about us page talking about what is the purpose of the website, who is running the show, what affiliations it got, etc. You need to find out that the credentials are properly laid or not, and in order to do that, you may need to answer the following:

  • Can visitors easily find out who is running the show?
  • Is the website written by one or multiple writers?
  • Are the facts presented on the website right, and are they verifiable?
  • Are the writers qualified to write on the topics website covers?
  • Has the website got some industry affiliation or accreditation?
  • Does it have Https (secure server)?

Advance elements

There are some more advance elements that you may care to find out for your review. You may want to find out the following:

  • Color scheme (advanced design)
  • Marketing and branding capability (branding and monetization)
  • How quickly it loads (development issue)
  • Are the widgets, forms, etc., working properly (development issue)
  • What resolutions it supports (design element)

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