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12 Oct 09 Article Marketing – Why We Need Article Marketing

Before we establish the need for article marketing, let us first find out what is article marketing. To explain in simplest term, Article marketing refers to the article written for an article directory with an objective to get backlinks and visitors for the writer’s website from the resource box.

What is a resource box?

The text written at the bottom of an article that talks about the author is known as resource box. A resource box contains a brief bio of the author, 2 to 3 links to the author’s home page and an author’s photograph. A resource box may look like the following:

Why we need Article Marketing

The ultimate goal of an article written for article directories is to get backlinks and visitors for the author’s website. But it has two intermediary goals as well. The first one is to get the article picked by various online publishers, and second is to establish oneself as an expert in the chosen field.

These two goals are worthy because the more people will pick your article the more backlink you will get. And the more established as an expert you will become for your field the more reliable your advices will be. This, in turn, will result in more visitors and more sales.

Generally, author of an article in this case is the webmaster who owns the website to which the article is linking.

What is article directories

An article directory is a website where an author can submit his or her articles. The article directories are often free, and they generate revenue by placing ads in the articles published under its domain. Some of the best known article directories are:

  • Ezine Articles
  • Go Articles
  • Article Dashboard
  • Article Alley
  • Amazines
  • Buzzle
  • Search Wrap

In the coming posts, I will discuss about different aspects of article marketing, so stay tuned.

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