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19 Mar 10 3 Benefits of Article Marketing

If you are in the business (of online marketing) for long then you must have stumble upon articles written by contributing authors on a website like ezinearticles, hubpages, etc. And if you are a newbie, you must have wondered why these people are wasting so much of energy on writing for a website which is not their own? There is a reason; rather, there are reasons behind writing articles for other websites, which I am going to discuss in this blog post. We call it article marketing.

3 Benefits of article marketing

Direct Traffic: A highly optimized article written with a tightly focused long tail keyword will bring people to your website through the links you are allowed to post either in the body or in the resource box of the article. This kind of traffic never stops. How many people will click on your link will depend upon your quality of article, quality of anchor text, length of the article as well as on how you have formatted your article.


After content, there is nothing as valuable on the Internet as is the incoming links also known as backlinks. It is on the number as well as the quality of backlinks that your search engine ranking depends. Even if you do not get traffic, your article is still doing a lot by providing you backlinks to your website. Generally only 2 backlinks are allowed from one article.


I am not talking about the money you will earn as a result of above activity, but I am talking about the money you will receive for writing articles for sites like hubpages. This is cool isn’t it? You are getting money (revenue share) for the article you are writing to get backlinks and traffic!

These are the three major benefits of article marketing. What else do you think should be added to this list? Can you add any?


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20 Nov 09 Article Marketing Guidelines

Article marketing is a potent source for getting backlinks and traffic. This is the reason why so many article directories have come into existence. Writing for each one of these directories (I am talking about good ones) is different from writing for other good directories, and there are some guidelines that we need to follow to increase our acceptance rate. Every article directory has different guidelines, but there are some points in the guidelines that are common to all. I am listing is below:

  • Quality Content: In context of article marketing, quality content means non-duplicate, error-free, exclusive content. Do not submit a PLR, ripped-off, or any other kinds of duplicate content. The article must be informative in order to get published. Quality of your content also plays a big role in whether independent publishers will pick the article or not.
  • Resource Box: The resource box should contain a brief bio of author, and 2 to 3 links. You can also have your head-shot photograph in the resource box.
  • No Self-serving article: You should not have a self-serving, that is to say, you cannot have advertising, promotional material, press releases, or sales letter, etc., submitted in the name of article.
  • Abstain from pornography, racism, terrorism, hacking tips, violence, personal attack, etc. None of the article directories are going to publish your article, if your article contains any of these.
  • Abstain from using special characters, long dashes, curly quotes, HTML codes (some of them are accepted), hard line-break, Tabs, etc.
  • Number of articles: You should at least write 10 articles to get good quality backlinks and substantial traffic.
  • Grammar and punctuation: Though an article directory is not a bunch of strict grammarian, nonetheless, you need to use proper grammar and punctuation in order to make readers understand what you are saying.

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12 Oct 09 Article Marketing – Why We Need Article Marketing

Before we establish the need for article marketing, let us first find out what is article marketing. To explain in simplest term, Article marketing refers to the article written for an article directory with an objective to get backlinks and visitors for the writer’s website from the resource box.

What is a resource box?

The text written at the bottom of an article that talks about the author is known as resource box. A resource box contains a brief bio of the author, 2 to 3 links to the author’s home page and an author’s photograph. A resource box may look like the following:

Why we need Article Marketing

The ultimate goal of an article written for article directories is to get backlinks and visitors for the author’s website. But it has two intermediary goals as well. The first one is to get the article picked by various online publishers, and second is to establish oneself as an expert in the chosen field.

These two goals are worthy because the more people will pick your article the more backlink you will get. And the more established as an expert you will become for your field the more reliable your advices will be. This, in turn, will result in more visitors and more sales.

Generally, author of an article in this case is the webmaster who owns the website to which the article is linking.

What is article directories

An article directory is a website where an author can submit his or her articles. The article directories are often free, and they generate revenue by placing ads in the articles published under its domain. Some of the best known article directories are:

  • Ezine Articles
  • Go Articles
  • Article Dashboard
  • Article Alley
  • Amazines
  • Buzzle
  • Search Wrap

In the coming posts, I will discuss about different aspects of article marketing, so stay tuned.

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