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26 Dec 10 How to Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment?

Do you wish to awaken your spiritual self and gain spiritual enlightenment? It won’t happen overnight, but dedication and focus will help you gain the ultimate enlightenment. Most of us don’t know our inner selves. Life is not all about materialistic gains, prestige and success. Don’t lead an ordinary life without realizing what life is all about. Know the person within you. Spiritual enlightenment will help you to realize the person within you, your dreams and aspirations, destiny, purpose of life. You will have much more control on your emotions. Here are few tips regarding how to awaken your soul and achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Know the ‘inner you’

Don’t forget the person within you is the true ‘you’, your spiritual self. Your true self won’t lie to you. You are a spiritual being captivated in a physical body. Your ideal self may lie to you, but you are what your true self is. Don’t let your physical self disconnect from your spiritual self. Don’t let your spiritual self sleep for too long that it becomes difficult to awaken. Find your spiritual being. When you will get to find your true spiritual self, your life will be overwhelmed with love, passion, peace, harmony and endless happiness.

Relax and distress your mind

Let your mind rest, relax and breathe freely. Don’t suffocate your mind with daily stress. Don’t think too much about troubles; treat them as passing phases of life. If you clutter your mind with too many troubles, you will fail to cope with life and your spiritual self will be suffocated. If you let your mind relax and breathe freely, more positive thoughts will embrace you with fresh gush of ideas and lot of peace and contentment. A relaxed mind will provide you with immense strength and courage in time of need.

Get rid of ambiguities

Remove all doubts from your mind. Mere doubts and ambiguity of thoughts can take you away from your spiritual self. Clear your doubts, come out with a single outcome even if it’s not desired. Clarify things right from the beginning and free your mind from all doubts and dualities.

Embrace positivity

Let positive thoughts embrace you always. If you are surrounded by dishonest, selfish, materialistic people change your company. Negative thoughts will not only make you live an artificial life but also take you miles away from your spiritual self. Thinking good will make you do good.

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26 Dec 10 Tips for a Simplified and Happier Life

When life has taken a toll on our lives with its hectic schedule, harsh and merciless stressful days and long hours spent at work how some of us still manage to lead a happier and peaceful life? Have you ever wondered or have you pacified yourself saying, it’s just they are lucky? Well, no one is lucky, they have just given an effort to simplify and beautify their lives. Knowing few simple tips can make life indeed happy and simplified. These tips are as given below –

Find your personal goal

If you know what you want to do in life, what’s your purpose of living; life will not only be easier for you, but also meaningful and worth. Most of us live life without any goal and thus life turns out to be frustrating. Talk to yourself, find out your dreams and aspirations and what you want to do in this life. Then work towards achieving your goal. Set small goals before reaching the final one. With sheer dedication and passion work towards the goal, it will also boost your confidence and self esteem.

Prioritize your wants

Many times we want everything and get nothing, it’s because we fail to prioritize our wants and ignore what we actually value. Know yourself, know what is your priority – money or success, family or spirituality? It will help you to set your personal goals and categorize your priorities in order.

Know your passion

Know what you are passionate about, what makes you happy and what you never deny to do. Try to make your passion your profession; then work will never seem to be a load and stress. If you love your job, life will be easier and happier.

Meditate everyday

Sit alone quietly and meditate every day, it will help you to talk to your inner self. Don’t think about anything while meditating, you can chant too. Listen to your inner voice.

Know what you are good at

Knowing your strengths will help you to enhance them and utilize. Honor your strengths and enhance them.

Help others

Serve the society, it will not only help you to evolve as a better human but also soothe you from within. Help others as per your own capacity. In this way you will be more humble, honest, helpful and loved by all. Tomorrow others may help you back.

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30 Oct 09 How to Build a List of Writing Prompts

In the last blog post, I discussed about what is writing prompt and how to use it. I hope that discussion gave you some confidence to fight with the big monster we call writer’s block. In this post, I will tell you how to build a list of writing prompts to help you in time of need. Yes, I know I told you yesterday that anything can work as writing prompt as long as it helps you get out of “staring at blank page” syndrome. And I am also aware that you cannot include every kind of writing prompt in your list. Nevertheless, a list with writing prompt will help you a great deal when confronting the monster. That is why you need to build a list of writing prompts.

4 ways to build the writing prompt list

  1. Know yourself. Ask questions about your religious beliefs, your political opinion, your view of your community, and your stance on the social and economic issues confronting your community. Ask questions about your views on your community, culture, government’s policy, medical policy, etc. The idea behind this exercise is to look inside yourself and find what you are and what you believe in.
  2. See the world around you. A good writer is one who observes his surroundings. One who remains absorbed in oneself all the time can be anything but a writer. See how people around you interact, how they react in certain condition. What are their inhibitions, what they are afraid of doing, how strongly they cling to their belief, and what makes them stay together.
  3. Notice the nature. Have you seen that little green-colored insect that stays on the flower? Have you seen what the shape of the cloud was today? The point is to get close to nature and observe its beauty. It has motivated many and will not fail to motivate you as well.
  4. Take to people. Ask as many questions as you want. Get as close to people near you as you can. Know about them. Ask about their daily life, their fears, their hopes, their dreams, their ambitions, their aspirations, etc., and you will get enough material to write upon.

There are many more things that can help you build your own list, but the things that I have talked about here will help you regardless of the genre you write in.

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