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21 Jan 11 Mistakes you should Avoid Writing A Resume

Everyone needs resume to start their professional lives. Most of the people write resume on their own, but fail to write a perfect resume or commit several common mistakes. Such mistakes often land people into threatening problems like loss of opportunity, sarcastic comments from interviewer, competitive edge of others on you and many more. Make sure you don’t commit these mistakes while crafting your curriculum vitae.

Running over pages after pages

Don’t make a CV running over pages after pages, unless you have 30 years of professional experience. Make sure your CV’s length doesn’t exceed more than two to three pages preferably. A long resume not only disinterests the interviewer, but he also doesn’t consider it that important to devote time on. So keep it crisp in length, yet all inclusive. You can’t miss out important details that your resume needs to convey to the interviewer. Rather than curtailing points to be included, curtail length of elaborative detail.

Avoid paragraphs

Write your resume in bullet points instead of writing in long paragraphs. No one likes to read textual detail in form of a paragraph. Bullets make eye movement easier and also details are easily conceived without much concentration and difficulty. Whether it’s your professional or educational details always write in points instead of paragraphs.

To difficult words

Don’t get tempted to put extremely difficult words in your resume. It’s always advised to use simple, commonly known and easy words in your resume. Too difficult words may confuse interviewer and also convey ambiguity. If you are not a writer and not opting for any writing job, adhere to simple vocabulary. Make sure your choice of words is simple, yet effective and powerful.

Wrong order

Often people write resume in wrong order of sequence. Last or current job experience or last educational pursuit should be on the top, followed by earlier experiences. Often people first write their first experience, followed by the latest ones. It confuses interviewer regarding present experience.

Don’t forget to include objectives

Start your resume with your objective. Don’t start a resume vaguely without any clear mention of what you wish to do in life and what you are looking forward to from the applied job.

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08 Jan 11 What makes Successful People so Special?

Those who make it big are not stars fallen off the sky. They are humans like others, but made an effort to make their lives special by doing something meaningful and striking. Definitely, it’s not an easy task and also doesn’t happen overnight. But dedication, passion and some effective practices can help one to evolve as a winner. Get inspired from those effective people who have made it big and cultivate the habits which made them so special. Here are few of them –

Don’t wait, get proactive

Don’t wait for things to happen or let opportunities knock your door. Instead become proactive and grab opportunities. All leaders have remained proactive and not follower. Always remember to make a difference in this world, you have to come forward and make it, no one will make it for you. So get started.

Get your focus right on your goal

Without a goal motivating enough to make you act you can’t move ahead and do something big in life. Know what you wish to do in 10 years time. Then set your path towards achieving your goal. Now don’t sit back, work towards achieving it. Constant focus on goal is very important.

Don’t have a selfish goal

Most of the average people have a selfish goal, just work towards personal success. Remember, those people hardly make it big. Than mere personal success, think how you can make a difference in this world and change lives of many. Make sure you bring a change in the society.

Communicate effectively

Even your good purpose may fall flat unless you communicate it properly. Communicate effectively whether written, oral or verbal. To communicate well also develop good listening skill. Lend an ear, understand its meaning and feeling behind it. Communicate clearly, without keeping any ambiguity in between.

Don’t stagnate

Never get stagnant in life, always keep learning. Thirst for new things and knowledge will keep you on edge over others. Self renewal is very important. Enhance your skills, strengthen them, and learn new skills too.

Respect others

Respect for others is equally important for a winner. The person who thinks he knows it all and others can’t add any meaning to his life, never grows. Hold genuine respect for all irrespective of social class, gender, race, age. All may not appeal you, but accept this difference. It will help you to evolve as a mature and better person.

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26 Dec 10 How to Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment?

Do you wish to awaken your spiritual self and gain spiritual enlightenment? It won’t happen overnight, but dedication and focus will help you gain the ultimate enlightenment. Most of us don’t know our inner selves. Life is not all about materialistic gains, prestige and success. Don’t lead an ordinary life without realizing what life is all about. Know the person within you. Spiritual enlightenment will help you to realize the person within you, your dreams and aspirations, destiny, purpose of life. You will have much more control on your emotions. Here are few tips regarding how to awaken your soul and achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Know the ‘inner you’

Don’t forget the person within you is the true ‘you’, your spiritual self. Your true self won’t lie to you. You are a spiritual being captivated in a physical body. Your ideal self may lie to you, but you are what your true self is. Don’t let your physical self disconnect from your spiritual self. Don’t let your spiritual self sleep for too long that it becomes difficult to awaken. Find your spiritual being. When you will get to find your true spiritual self, your life will be overwhelmed with love, passion, peace, harmony and endless happiness.

Relax and distress your mind

Let your mind rest, relax and breathe freely. Don’t suffocate your mind with daily stress. Don’t think too much about troubles; treat them as passing phases of life. If you clutter your mind with too many troubles, you will fail to cope with life and your spiritual self will be suffocated. If you let your mind relax and breathe freely, more positive thoughts will embrace you with fresh gush of ideas and lot of peace and contentment. A relaxed mind will provide you with immense strength and courage in time of need.

Get rid of ambiguities

Remove all doubts from your mind. Mere doubts and ambiguity of thoughts can take you away from your spiritual self. Clear your doubts, come out with a single outcome even if it’s not desired. Clarify things right from the beginning and free your mind from all doubts and dualities.

Embrace positivity

Let positive thoughts embrace you always. If you are surrounded by dishonest, selfish, materialistic people change your company. Negative thoughts will not only make you live an artificial life but also take you miles away from your spiritual self. Thinking good will make you do good.

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