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18 Dec 10 How to Make Work related travels Fun?

Does frequent travel bother you and truly put you off? If you are among those people who travel quite frequent for business or job reasons and don’t really enjoy it’s not your fault. Frequent travel for work by flight, car, train, ship or any other medium is definitely not much entertaining as it not only borrows the tension of upcoming meeting or deals, but is also devoid of warm company of family members and friends. But when you don’t have a choice and you have to travel frequent because of work, why not learn few tips to make your travel comfortable and enjoyable?

Here are some guidelines for your help.

Carry an iPod or audio player

While travelling you may remain tensed because of business deal or upcoming meetings and feel stressed. Music can actually de-stress you. Carry an iPod or any other music listening device with your favorite music tracks stored in it. Listen to it when you feel low or bored. If you want to make the best of your time and learn something in this free time you can watch some video tutorials or listen to audio lectures.

Reading can be your companion

If reading makes you feel at your best and you love to read new things carry a novel, magazine of your choice. You can carry a tangible form of book or an e-book reader to read. You can download your favorite write-ups from Internet and feed into your e-book reader before travelling. There’s nothing as involving and as enriching as reading habit.

Play game

If you are a game freak and it makes you feel at your best you can play games on your laptop, mobile phone or play station. It can be anything – racing, soccer, basket ball, cricket, puzzle, Sudoku, farming, city building, or any other interactive game.

Internet surfing

If you are a net savvy person and love to spend hours on Internet while chatting, sending mails, interacting on social networking websites and you have access to Internet while travelling; surf Internet. To keep yourself relaxed do light hearted activities, not serious work on net.

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24 Sep 10 How to Beat the Stress?

In this super fast age we all are in hurry and this rat race has made us nothing better than robots. And being a robot trapped in human body is not an easy task. It brings along loads of stress and tension. Whether one wants or doesn’t want, stress is actually inevitable. But one can’t sit back, relax and take it for granted. Over dose of stress can cause many physical and mental ailments.

Here are some guidelines regarding stress management. Effective stress management can ensure a better life.

Get enough of peaceful sleep

Hectic working schedule, deadlines, too much of caffeine result into insomnia, which is pretty common these days. Prolonged insomnia can be very harmful for human body and mind. But a good peaceful sleep for minimum 6 hours a day can keep us fit and rejuvenated. After a long grueling day, a sound sleep is necessary for our body. Don’t compromise with your sleep.

Eat healthy

A poor unhealthy eating habit like too much of junk food consumption, skipping meals, lack of nutritious food in diet can actually harm body and mind. It slowly aggravates body and weakens immunity power. So make healthy food part of your daily diet and also eat on time. Avoid skipping meals and over eating.

Exercise daily and meditate

Too much of work can weaken your immunity and physical fitness. A sedentary lifestyle also brings in mental depression. Get into physical activities, either work out in a gym or get into physical activities like – basket ball, soccer, tennis, swimming, running. It will not only keep your spirit high, but will also keep you in shape. Try to meditate for at least half an hour a day. It not only takes away stress, but also instills positive energy

Practice your hobby

Do what keeps you happy, entertained, and satisfied. It could be any leisure pursuit – singing, dancing, gardening, writing, painting, making potteries. Don’t let the child within you grow up.

Make friends

Friends not only make life easier, but also comfort us with a shoulder which we can always recline against, lend an ear to our feelings. Most importantly friends we decide by choice, not compulsion. So make the most it. Treasure your friends, meet them often, and spend quality time together. Laugh your heart out.

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