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23 May 11 Tips for Making a Good Video Tutorial

Making a video tutorial and posting them on various video archive websites and social media networks is quite common these days. However, very few can create exceptionally good video tutorials meeting actual purpose of learning. Few basic tips can help you procure great video tutorials. Here are some simple tips for you.

High quality picture

What is very important for a video tutorial is its picture quality. Make sure picture resolution is high, with maximum clarity. Good finishing at the editing table is important too.

Subtitles, thought bubbles, supers

A video tutorial is never complete unless it has texts in forms of subtitles, texts in between scenes, thoughts bubbles, supers (text on screen) supporting the audio-visual input. People may think even a voice over (VO) can do the job, but it’s more effective and memorable when people read the same on screen. These supporting texts can do wonders.

Add some value to it

Don’t make just another video tutorial of no much substance in it. Make a video tutorial if you have enough knowledge of the subject, know it in-depth and have done enough research on the same before making the video tutorial. If you do not add something new to your video, no one will be interested in it.

Script has to be strong

No video tutorial comes out well, unless it has been developed on rock solid script. Don’t start a video tutorial without any script in front of you. It is the first step towards video making. Just special effects can’t do a magic to your video tutorial with no strong script in it.

Checklist at the end

Don’t forget a video tutorial remains incomplete unless it has a checklist at the end, summarizing the content communicated in the video. Checklist helps the audience to complie the entire content, to recall and memorize the main points and feel enriched.

Don’t make it dramatic

Always remember video tutorials are not films, or daily soaps. They don’t need acting skill or screen presence. Don’t develop a dramatic script, with twisted dialogues and pretentious moves. Keep it simple, straight on face, clear and substantial. At the same time, it shouldn’t be boring. Maintain the pace, neither fast nor too slow. Keep it conversational, interesting. Remember, it’s not entertainment, it’s information transmitted through interesting video with aids like live examples, demonstrations. Don’t forget its objective behind.

So what are you waiting for? Start with your video tutorial. Just follow these simple tips while making your video tutorial.

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22 Jan 11 Tips for ‘Good Start’ of a Day

Each day is special, new and source of hope. Well, saying is easy but often found difficult in real for those who start their day in an average way with stress of work. Start it with a fresh mind, fresh endeavor so that your entire day falls into place and you even go to bed at night with a cheerful spirit. Start each day with a fresh gush of energy. Just follow these few simple tips.

Green is truly evergreen

Green is a color depicting youth, life and newness. Once you wake up from the bed, look for some green plants around you. It’s always advised to have some plants in and around the house. Step out to your terrace or balcony and see the green trees in front. If there’s a park in front of you there’s nothing like it. Green rejuvenates, brings lot of freshness in life. It also keeps eyes good.

Little bit of exercise

A healthy and happy mind resides in a fit body only. So exercise every morning. It will not only keep you fit and active but also in shape. If you like yourself on the mirror, naturally you will be happy. You may hit a fitness center or aerobic and dance classes or practice yoga. Do whichever suits you and you like to. You may simply watch some video tutorials of experts and practice at home. Make sure the ambience is good, fosters freshness. If you have a nice backyard garden or terrace, do exercise there. Being close to nature, it will make you feel better all the more.

Breakfast of your choice

If tummy is happy you are happy too. Start your day with a lovely wholesome breakfast. When we rush to work half fed we start a day with negative thoughts already. So make sure you grab a good wholesome breakfast everyday. If you don’t get much time to prepare, you may prepare it before and store in fridge or grab some ready to eat ones. But a healthy nice start will make you happy. Make sure you don’t grab the same breakfast in all days of a week. Treat yourself with different breakfasts each day.

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18 Dec 10 How to Make Work related travels Fun?

Does frequent travel bother you and truly put you off? If you are among those people who travel quite frequent for business or job reasons and don’t really enjoy it’s not your fault. Frequent travel for work by flight, car, train, ship or any other medium is definitely not much entertaining as it not only borrows the tension of upcoming meeting or deals, but is also devoid of warm company of family members and friends. But when you don’t have a choice and you have to travel frequent because of work, why not learn few tips to make your travel comfortable and enjoyable?

Here are some guidelines for your help.

Carry an iPod or audio player

While travelling you may remain tensed because of business deal or upcoming meetings and feel stressed. Music can actually de-stress you. Carry an iPod or any other music listening device with your favorite music tracks stored in it. Listen to it when you feel low or bored. If you want to make the best of your time and learn something in this free time you can watch some video tutorials or listen to audio lectures.

Reading can be your companion

If reading makes you feel at your best and you love to read new things carry a novel, magazine of your choice. You can carry a tangible form of book or an e-book reader to read. You can download your favorite write-ups from Internet and feed into your e-book reader before travelling. There’s nothing as involving and as enriching as reading habit.

Play game

If you are a game freak and it makes you feel at your best you can play games on your laptop, mobile phone or play station. It can be anything – racing, soccer, basket ball, cricket, puzzle, Sudoku, farming, city building, or any other interactive game.

Internet surfing

If you are a net savvy person and love to spend hours on Internet while chatting, sending mails, interacting on social networking websites and you have access to Internet while travelling; surf Internet. To keep yourself relaxed do light hearted activities, not serious work on net.

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