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13 Nov 10 Which School of Marketing Thought You Belong To?

There coexist two schools of marketing thoughts. One propagates the ideas of blasting the audience until one becomes insensitive or one turn into a buyer. There is another school of thought that cajoles you to build relationship with your audience and treat them the way you will treat your better half. Which of the two schools of marketing thoughts do you agree with?

Before you show your loyalty to one and thrash the other one calling it a complete waste of money, I must tell you that neither of the two is wrong, and either of the two could be dangerous. It all depends upon your approach, and how you handle the tool. Let me throw some more light on the two schools to help you make informed decision on the marketing tool to use.

“Long sales page is what cut it for us”

This is the view of old school of marketing who believes in the power of mass media advertising, long sales letter, and multiple direct mail copies. Marketers subscribing to this school of thought believe in handling all the customers’ objection through a elaborate sales page. They are of the view that they get only one chance and limited opportunity to influence customers’ decisions, and they should use it to maximum.

Sales cycle is often shorter here. People either buy or they don’t from marketers of this school.

“We are close buddy. We will not sell you”

This is what the other camp of marketers believes in. Marketers swearing by “relationship first” maxim often lead you in believing that they have your best interest in their hearts, and no matter what they will not try to sell you anything. It is only when you have spent some time with them that they start recommending (read selling) products to you.

Sales cycle for this kind of marketing ranges from long to very long. People, because they trust this group, often buy more than one product from them.

Which side are you on?

So, which group of marketers do you belong to? The “long sales copy” one or the relationship one? As said earlier, there is nothing right or wrong about the either of the two. It all depends upon how you use it.

For me, I believe in both of them.

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15 Apr 10 Best-Kept Secret Twitter Tips for Job Search (Part 7)

So far in the series on twitter job search, we have covered branding and networking, now it is time to talk about etiquette. Etiquette plays a major role when it comes to getting a job, through twitter or otherwise. It would be in your best interest to mind your manners, as no one likes a person who cannot behave nicely in the perceived shadow of anonymity that twitter or any other website provides.

Use direct message or DM, as it is known on twitter

Do not start sending confidential or sensitive information on the twitter’s public timeline using @ symbol. This is akin to taking someone’s bedroom talk to nearest pub. No one is going to like it, and you by doing so are risking your reputation. Instead, send sensitive or personal information in a direct message. Send your résumé link, interview request, etc., in DM only.

Hit Reply

Many a time job seekers do not pay much attention to DMs sent to them, or to the messages sent to them using @ symbol. Always, always, always respond to all direct and indirect messages sent to you. This will paint a picture of a guy who is helpful, friendly, and prompt. These are the traits of an employee that anyone will like to hire.

Count your words before you write

Twitter allows you only 140 characters that also include spaces and special characters, so be wise in the word selection. 140 characters are all you have, and it is on you to decide how you will make each character add to the value your tweet will deliver. Do not use unnecessary superlatives, adjectives, and adverts. I will rather suggest you to stay away from every word that has nothing to add to the discussion.

Go and check your tweets, and DMs to see if your tweets and DMs meet the standard set above or not. Fix them, if they don’t, and continue using twitter the way you do, if you do not find any problem.

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08 Dec 09 3 Pillars of a Successful Business

Have you ever wondered what makes a business successful? You may come up with many answers to this question but when your answers are subjected to scrutiny, every answer will boil down to three things, in precisely this order.

  • Investor
  • Employee
  • Customers


Investors are a group of people who invest their hard-earned money to get return from your business. They invest in your business because they trust you, and they see hope in your business. Till the time you are fulfilling their expectations, they will keep their money in your business. Hence, you need to keep them apprised of any development in your business. Keep on giving them good news, and your business will be in good shape.


Your employee is the second pillar of your business. It is your employees only that can make or break your business. Your business solely depends upon their performance to meet the investors’ expectations, and to deliver on the promises made to your customers. It is thus in your best interest that you keep your employee happy. A happy employee will satisfy the needs of many customers, and will present a favorable picture to investors, whereas, a disgruntled employee is a big deal breaker. They will piss everyone off, including you.


It is the customers for whom you have erected such a giant structure, raised money, and hired so many highly qualified employees. The end goal of your business is to serve this group of people, and all your energy should be channelized to do so. The moment you step away from your path, your business is doomed. Do not let your vision blurred by the shine and sparkles of advertisements and press coverage, you have not achieved anything if you have not served your customer right.

A parting thought

Which one of the three is more important? Well, this is tricky to answer as none of them is more important than rest of the two. You need to make a balance.

Form an equilateral triangle placing each one of them at each corner of the triangle, and you should sit right in the center, equidistant from each one of them.

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