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29 Oct 10 How to Write a Romantic Novel?

A romantic novel is the best gift one can ever dream of, and it delights not only teens but even a man or woman of 80. A good romantic novel always comes as a gasp of fresh air, with intoxicating charm and vivid imagination. One just can’t resist it. But even if romance comes to you naturally, penning it down isn’t so easy. Here are some tips about writing a romance studded novel.


It’s the romantic characters of a novel that we live with, breathe in, fantasize and admire. Thus characterization is very important part of romantic novel writing. Infuse life into your characters, make them real, throbbing with energy. Even if the characters are like ‘dream come true’, make them appear real and close to life. Build them carefully, pouring your heart into it. Their thinking, nature, appearance, talks – everything has to reflect in your story. Make characters so real and romantic, that your readers fall in love with them.

Get inspired from reality

Real people should be your inspiration. If your characters belong to countryside, go and interact with the people there. It will help you in weaving characters, close to reality. If your character is a complete romantic person, talk to a romantic person in reality. Spend time together, watch him or her, and find out his or her story. The more you mix up with people in reality, better your characters shape up.

Make a perfect ambience

Get into detail of situations. If your hero falls in love with a coffee shop waitress, create such situation. Create an ideal coffee shop in your novel. Describe everything – from aroma of coffee to the story of corner table – always occupied by couples. Since romance will bloom in the setting, make it appear real. A love story can bloom even in a cemetery. Love stories need not always sound like a fairy tale.

Build climax slowly

Make your readers wait patiently for the right moment. Don’t give them the scoop of ice cream so easily. Let it come slowly, teasing the reader bit by bit. Build drama, conflict, climax, suspense. Don’t let the steamy scene come so easily. Don’t let the story rush. Remember, true love doesn’t unveil overnight. Let it bloom slowly yet steadily.

Finish with an impact behind

Sign off your story with grace. Finish with a deep impact behind. Make ending so impactful that it stays in your readers’ heart forever, burning with passion. Good novel readers swear by and give example of that love, everywhere.

Go for it!

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25 Apr 10 Website Copy Writing Tips – How to Improve

Let us start with putting things straight. The Internet is the ecosystem created by different kinds of websites, which in themselves are media vehicles, and content is the fuel on which the medium and its various types of vehicles run. The efficiency of the media in general and vehicles in particular depends upon the kind of fuel it usage. Therefore, one should pay much attention when writing copy for your website, and for that you need to know how to write better website copy. This article will help you learn that, just follow through the end.

Better Website Copy Writing Tips

  • Your copy should not be visually heavy. Make the copy easy to scan. You can do that by dividing copy using sub-headings, and bullet points.
  • Keep one eye on the target audience and another on the matter you want to convey. It is necessary to strike a balance between the two.
  • Always remember, in writing style is so important that at times style, in itself, becomes substance.
  • Add relevant “call to action” at important junctures in your web pages. This will help you increase conversion.
  • Do not talk about attributes, talk about benefits.
  • Build the story until it reaches to climax in the last line where you should add the ultimate call to action.
  • Do not make pages multi-focused.
  • Define model target audience of the website before writing copy for them.
  • Use short sentences and short and simple paragraphs.
  • Keep the content jargon free.
  • List the benefit.
  • Make the benefit as clear as possible.

Copy is what determines the future of the website. The more time you will invest in creating the copy, better will be the future of your website.

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