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15 Aug 10 7% of the World Population Hooked to Twitter

In a report, comScore has revealed that 7% of the total world population is hooked to twitter. It also revealed that of 41 countries — that was reported in the report — Indonesia has the highest percentage of people (20.8%) hooked on the internet from home or office. The study which led to the report was conducted among people of 15 years of age or more.

The country to come at second position was Brazil with 20.5% twitter users, and number three was taken by Venezuela (19%). The rising penetration of twitter in Venezuela is attributed to the joining of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. In just couple of month of his joining, twitter user base in Venezuela grew by 4.8%.

India, Malaysia, and New Zealand made up the bottom of the list with 8.0%, 7.7%, and 7.5% twitter users, respectively. See image for detail.


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01 Aug 10 Research Says Women Spend More Time Online Then Men

In a study comScore has found that 18+ women who make almost half of the Internet population spends more time than their male counterpart.

42.4% of women living in Asia Pacific have access to the Internet, whereas Europe, Latin America, and North America respectively has 47%, 50.4%, and 48.1% women net users.


In terms of time spent, 18+ women have outshined men of the same age group in every part of the world. In Asia Pacific region, women spent 17.9 hours on the Internet, while, men spent 16.6 hours. It is 7.2% more time spent by women than men.

Even in Europe and Latin America women are found spending more time on the Internet then men in their age group. In Europe women spend 3.8% more time than men (26 hours a month of women against 25 hours a month of net usage by men). And in Latin America, women spend 27.1 hours a month on the Internet which is 1.5% more than the time spent by men (26.7 hours).

The net usage duration of men and women in North America is almost same. Men spent slightly more time (38.6 hours monthly) on the Internet then women (37.6 hours monthly). See image for details.


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06 May 10 Brand Loyalty Badly Hit by Recession

In a new study released by comScore, it has been revealed that in the time of the economic recession when people was losing their jobs and were uncertain about their future, they have stopped believing in brands.

Even the brands loyal have claimed to have stayed away from purchasing their favorite brands. In March 2010, more than 50% said that due to the recession, they did not buy the brand they wanted to.

buying-brands-most-wanted-by-category-comscore The categories that were already on the fall, before recession, did not see much of a change, but categories in which brand loyalty was paramount got hit by the recession. Apparels, OTC, and Health and beauty products saw the major decline. These are the categories that had most brand loyalty. See image above for detail.

Shifted to cheaper brands

While answering a question about what the consumers buy if not their preferred brand then they revealed their trading down behavior as well. Coupons, discounts, and freebies were said to be on the decisive factors in preference setting. See image for detail.


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