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30 May 10 Home-Based Business and Niche Marketing Strategy

Who wouldn’t want to earn money and relax at home? Let me reframe my question and ask again. Who wouldn’t want to earn money from home and relax at home? Are all ears pricked up? Well, home-based business is not anymore a new concept. Those who frequent the internet have a clear knowledge of what I am talking about. Internet niche marketing, which goes hand in hand with home based business, is although not as old and easy as it sounds. A business from home can bring no financial benefits in the absence of strategic marketing in place.

For any home-based business to thrive, it is important to chalk out a marketing plan with clear vision and dedication. To begin with, research forms that impeccable foundation which can branch out to not only drive traffic, but direct the target traffic to form a brand out of the normal seeming home-based business.

Define niche market

I always appreciate the working of a doctor’s private clinic. The doctor, even a general physician, never opens a clinic to treat the entire city, less the nation and least the world. The target patient range is that from a few kilometers around the clinic. If the doctor is proficient in its field then gradually the word travels out of the town and to far flung areas on its own. The doctor never goes around outside a defined diameter to proclaim its skills. So, the moral of the story is to decide upon a niche market and stick to it. Perfection and hence, popularity can lead to further opportunities.

Dig deeper into niche market

Home-based business can be a monetary pain if the niche market is not properly analyzed. It is required to know the scope of the chosen niche market. A study of the products or services required by the customers, and the shortfalls in catering to the requirement can define the focus areas well. Niche product marketing needs to follow the clients’ taste in what they read, what they attend, and where they frequent. Such information enables the home-based marketer to strike the right note for communication with its clients. Interactions form a strong client base as the customers interact with each other and a chain reaction follows, in-turn benefiting the niche product market.

Keyword prominence

Including the well researched keyword in the niche market strategy not only enhances the chances of widening the reach of home-based business, but also increases ones knowledge base. Let me explain this. Starting with a well researched niche to market a product with a website full of relevant links and keywords is good. How about changing the keywords on a regular basis to attract new viewers and keep the old ones curious about the niche products and services? Doesn’t it sound great? To add to this, expanding your niche market by adding some new sub-niches sounds excellent. Doesn’t it? That is possible only if research for keywords and changing mind-sets is perpetually on, and it becomes a practice.

I agree that managing a home-based business is not a cake-walk experience, but then the challenge can be overcome through niche marketing strategy. Remember, the rule of the game is to focus on the opted niche market and research till the core of it. Planning out the marketing strategies can become a lot easier with this.

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14 Nov 09 5 More Types of Freelance Writing Jobs

In this second part of 5 types of freelance writing jobs, we will see some more writing assignments that excite freelance writers. You can choose one or more than one types of writing assignment during the course of your freelance writing career. It is not that you have to leave one to choose another. You can choose more than one. To be honest, I must say, in last one year, I have completed all kinds of writing except one, i.e., report writing. If I can do that, you can too.

E-Book writing

Writing a book is the ultimate dream of any writer, but not everyone can accomplish that goal despite having all the required ingredients. Well, I wandered off the topic. The point I wanted to make was this, there are lots of demand for niche market e-books, and lot many people are looking for ghost writers for their e-books. If you can meet the tight deadline and write 20-100 pages e-books then this market is waiting for you with its arm flung open.

Report writing

Reports are short documents written about a specific topic. A report is primarily a condensed output of the research or survey done by the report writer. Reports are objective and based on factual data only. It may or may not contain interpretation. For example: an online marketing report will have data about rise or fall of online marketing effectiveness, and a blogging report may contain the new advancements in the blogging world, etc.

Essay writing

Essay comes in various shapes and sizes. It could be persuasive, descriptive, argumentative, comparative, evaluative, or narrative. Most of them are academic in nature, and they follow a certain writing style as well as opening and closing statements. If you know how to write academic essays then you can earn a lot more than any other form of freelance writing. This is the best paying writing market. You need to know MLA and/or APA style of citation to succeed in this market.

Sales letter writing

An effective sales letter is often the difference between winning and losing the sales battle, online. If you know this fact, and if you posses the ability to write a good sales letter that converts well then you can ask for lifeblood as a fee for your services. An online marketer struggles for a good sales letter to promote his product. He will embrace you like his new-born first child.

Review writing

Writing a review is entirely different from other forms of writing. A review takes more time because you need to familiarize yourself with product before you can write an honest review about the same. You need to know features and attributes of the products and services, its competition, and history of its producer etc. There are many paid review works available online as well.

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