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01 Apr 09 Email with Artificial Intelligence?

Google officially announced the world’s first task array system with artificial intelligence on March 31st, 2009!  It was named CADIE, which stands for Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity, and in only one day “she” has already improved her language skills and is now offering Google Chrome with 3D!  CADIE has placed herself into (and also modified) Google Maps.  She has started her own YouTube Channel too!  She’s changing everything in Google and she can even help you finish term papers and fix your spreadsheets too.  For all of the programmers out there, she can even write code!  But I must warn you that she is pretty adamant about using INTERCAL; she doesn’t want to know anything about Python or Java at all!

At first glance, CADIE and Gmail’s Autopilot Email program seem unbelievable!  Gmail says that you don’t have to spend all your time reading messages because  Gmail’s Autopilot will do all the work for you by matching your writing style.  If two Gmail accounts use the autopilot program then they can “converse with each other for up to three messages each.”  Before you continue reading this post, go check it out for yourself now by opening a new window and visiting Google’s Gmail.  Also check out the CADIE page to befriend the artificially intelligent being yourself.

I checked out the CADIE blogspot homepage, which seems like a cheap mock-up from the past with all of its flashy scrolling banners, and I asked myself, “Why a panda?”  The music is nice, but why does it say this at the top of the page:

All your personal World Wide Website belong to CADIE

Did Google get hacked?  It can’t possibly be!  I scrolled back to the Google page and effectively, there was the announcement for Gmail autopilot!  Google is either way ahead of the IT game or has poor security!  What do you think?  Or did Google get hijacked by a supercomputer it created?  Maybe we shouldn’t be questioning CADIE or Google!  Okay, okay, the truth (which dawned on me after a little while) is that Google has played one of the biggest April Fools jokes on the internet!  I didn’t want to spoil the joke by posting on it, so I tried to just pass the information on…  Were you fooled?  Would you want artificial intelligence to do the things Google said she could?  Is email with artificial intelligence just too much for now?  Leave a comment with your opinion…

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