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04 Jul 09 Stand Out At Your Job

One of the best ways to ensure that you become “unfireable” at your job, is to make yourself stand out from the rest of the endless rabble of employees.  If you work at a big corporation, you’ll find that most of the people around you are fairly dead eyed at work, just doing enough to get by and keep their paycheck coming, and with that sort of ‘competition’ it’s really not as hard as you might think to make yourself look all the better.  The first step is just keeping yourself motivated.  You have to be able to decide, and commit to working hard all the time, and always doing what you can to further your position with the company.  This may mean more of a workload on your part, but the time you put in today will pay off dividends tomorrow.

Keep yourself motivated, and keep on top of your assignments.  Finish your projects as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of the work you’re putting out.  A fast turnaround time, especially faster than the boss expects, is a great way for the higher ups to start noticing your name on these projects.  Being faster than your coworkers to turn in a project, and especially if you can keep up the same quality your boss would expect, ensures your boss will start remembering your name before anyone else‘s.

Take advantage of opportunities to do work that you may not even be required to complete.  If your boss offers something that isn’t necessarily in your job description/department, do it anyway, and give it your best.  This shows initiative, and commitment to the company, both of which make you a standout performer the next time your boss is considering who may need to be leaving the team because of cutbacks.  The last thing your boss will ever want to hear is “that’s not in my job description”, remember that, because that response will make you look terrible.

Finally, lead as much as possible without stepping on your bosses toes.  Become a standout performer by taking initiative and helping your coworkers as much as possible.  The more that you help others around you, the more your skills will be noticed, and the better they will appear.

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01 Apr 09 Creating A Professional Blog To Sell Your Experience

There’s little purpose in having a blog that nobody reads, unless of course you’re a big fan of posting your ramblings onto the internet for nobody else’s benefit besides your own.  And if that’s your game, you may as well just buy a diary and write in that, because it would be exactly the same.  Blogging can be an incredibly useful way to put yourself out there, your qualifications, your work history, and your musings about the effectiveness of C++ vs. C#.

In short, a brilliant way to showcase your talents, and create interest in the unique services you can provide.  And in fact, a successful blog can even get contractors to approach you for consultations or even jobs.  But how do you get to that stage, where your blog can be found among the helpless rabble of a million pointless blog entries on the entirety of the internet’s blogosphere?

First off, your professional personal blog needs one thing more importantly than anything else, to be taken absolutely seriously.  This is a facet of your job, a way to sell yourself, and nothing will turn off a potential buyer like wasting blog space on your latest theory as to what’s going to happen in the final episode of Lost.  You want to stick to work related topics, and something that demonstrates your talents, and experience, or for lack of experience, then the educational experiences that make you a worthy professional.

And don’t forget, as with any blog, you don’t want to sound stiff or boring.  You want to take an appropriately humorous tone to educate as well as titillate.  This isn’t a resume, just your writings about the industry and your experiences therein.

Which brings me to another glaring error a ton of people make.  Never bash colleagues or companies you’ve worked with, as that also is a great way to make yourself undesirable as a worker.

Also, take advantage of putting yourself out into the Blogosphere by making contact with other bloggers in your niche.  Network yourself, read other blogs, learn from them to develop your unique blogging voice, and in turn see if you can exchange links by linking back to their site.  Linking is probably still the best way to grow you blog’s audience, and remains one of the most important aspects of building a successful site.

Follow those pointers and you’ll be off to a rollicking start by making yourself look like an excellent future employee to any hiring company surfing the net.  And they do that a lot more often than you’d think.

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