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10 Jan 10 5 traits of Quality Content

How do you define quality? Think hard. Well, we cannot define quality in the absolute terms. We define it by saying how one thing is in comparison to certain benchmark. It holds true for content as well. Quality of content is not known, and no one can tell you the formula to create quality content.

But, I can tell you about the traits that are common among all types of quality content.

Traits of quality content

  • Not repetitive: This is the first trait of quality content. It is not repetitive. If your article touches upon topics that are not or rarely written before than you will be considered authority in your field.
  • Well researched: A high quality article is often well-researched. It does not dwell on the “as I think,” “I believe,” “I suspect” statements. It is also often supported by links and bibliography
  • Entertainment quotient: Quality content is high on entertainment, regardless of complexity of the topic it covers. Writer of an entertaining article uses simple language and humor to keep the tone light when he describes complex topic. Humor is important.
  • All-inclusive: Do not rush for finishing an article soon. Try to cover every aspect of a topic that you are writing about. A good article goes beyond 500 words and covers almost every aspect of the topic at hand.
  • News with a view: Breaking news is not forte of every blogger. Most of the bloggers cannot do that as they do not have right people at the right place, therefore, you should consider elaborating on the breaking news with your unique view on the topic. Think hard, you will develop a point of view.
  • Thought-provoking: An article that stirs your thought or gives you a critical outlook about the subject at hand can be clubbed with quality articles. A quality article also gives a new point of view or tends to challenge the assumption held by people at large.

Next time when you write check your content for these traits.

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14 Sep 09 Make Money Off Your Blog

Making money off of a blog is a fine art, and one that takes a lot of time and effort as well as practice.  When you’re making a blog specifically to make money, you really need to know your stuff, and produce content people want to read.  So first you’ll want to look for a niche that you can fill that you feel the internet could use.  Something that you care about and won’t mind writing about everyday.  A good blog fills a niche, and stays on topic in interesting and intriguing ways.

Once you’ve got your niche idea, you need a place to make a blog.  You can start your own by hosting the blog on your own server with your own web address, but this could be extremely costly.  The best idea is to go to a place like Blogspot, or WordPress to start out in building your audience.  Membership is free, and make the process of designing your blog as quick and painless as possible.

Now you just need to pick a good theme that invites people into your world.  This way your blog is visually appealing.  By being pleasing to the eye, people will be more likely to actually read what you have written.  Which is the other key to a good blog, good writing.  The writing is what people come to see, so make sure yours is worth their time.  Be informative and interesting, with a healthy dose of entertainment.  That’s the recipe for blog writing success.

Now you need to find a good program for putting ads on your site.  Most people go through Google’s Adsense, as it’s the easiest and fastest to use.  Adsense works by giving you money anytime someone clicks on an ad on your site.  You can earn anywhere from $.01 to $15 per click.  Ad placement is a fine art as well, so choose ads that relate to your site, so that people will be more likely to click on them.

From there it’s just about networking yourself.  Try and make friends with other people in the industry, as part of the success of established bloggers is through other blogs.  By making a network you benefit off of everyone’s traffic.  Through exchanging links with a blog similar to yours, you allow yourself to be noticed by the more successful blogs readership, affording you the opportunity to get yourself noticed.  The more traffic you can generate, the more chances you have for ad clicks.  So choose your ads wisely, and build that blog traffic!

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01 Apr 09 Creating A Professional Blog To Sell Your Experience

There’s little purpose in having a blog that nobody reads, unless of course you’re a big fan of posting your ramblings onto the internet for nobody else’s benefit besides your own.  And if that’s your game, you may as well just buy a diary and write in that, because it would be exactly the same.  Blogging can be an incredibly useful way to put yourself out there, your qualifications, your work history, and your musings about the effectiveness of C++ vs. C#.

In short, a brilliant way to showcase your talents, and create interest in the unique services you can provide.  And in fact, a successful blog can even get contractors to approach you for consultations or even jobs.  But how do you get to that stage, where your blog can be found among the helpless rabble of a million pointless blog entries on the entirety of the internet’s blogosphere?

First off, your professional personal blog needs one thing more importantly than anything else, to be taken absolutely seriously.  This is a facet of your job, a way to sell yourself, and nothing will turn off a potential buyer like wasting blog space on your latest theory as to what’s going to happen in the final episode of Lost.  You want to stick to work related topics, and something that demonstrates your talents, and experience, or for lack of experience, then the educational experiences that make you a worthy professional.

And don’t forget, as with any blog, you don’t want to sound stiff or boring.  You want to take an appropriately humorous tone to educate as well as titillate.  This isn’t a resume, just your writings about the industry and your experiences therein.

Which brings me to another glaring error a ton of people make.  Never bash colleagues or companies you’ve worked with, as that also is a great way to make yourself undesirable as a worker.

Also, take advantage of putting yourself out into the Blogosphere by making contact with other bloggers in your niche.  Network yourself, read other blogs, learn from them to develop your unique blogging voice, and in turn see if you can exchange links by linking back to their site.  Linking is probably still the best way to grow you blog’s audience, and remains one of the most important aspects of building a successful site.

Follow those pointers and you’ll be off to a rollicking start by making yourself look like an excellent future employee to any hiring company surfing the net.  And they do that a lot more often than you’d think.

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