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14 Jan 10 Twitter Tools To Help You Succeed

Using Twitter and building an audience are two things I’ve written about before.  But keeping innovative to maintain that audience is just as important.  Keeping people involved in your page isn’t always enough.  The mass audience tends to forget fairly quickly, so if you don’t change up your tweeting often, you can find yourself being ignored very quickly.  Changing with the times, and updating your account as often as possible are key to staying on top.

One of the best tactics to do that, is the use of sites like, which allows you to set up tweets at any future date, time, etc that you choose.  Sites like these are a great tool to keep your tweets regular.  So if you know you’re going to be busy later, or if you have a great idea now, you can always save them to use at a different time.  Keeping your tweets coming regularly, and keeping them all stellar, is the best way to keep interest.

Other tools like Twazzup lets you track hashtags, allowing you to see what’s going on in relation to your tweets.  This is extremely useful so that you can see who is re-tweeting your hashtags, and what context they’re being reused.  This can help you formulate strategies by sticking to campaigns that tend to be more successful than others.

Don’t forget to make use of tools that asses the market you’re trying to reach as well.  Services like the Forrester Profile Calculator help you find where and how potential customers are looking for information.  Making use of these can really help you grow your page, because you’ll know just how to target that demographic that’s most important to your page.

Finding them is easy enough, but remember that you have to keep writing interesting and engaging tweets to keep them there.  Holding attention in the long run is much more difficult that gaining attention at first.

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15 Oct 09 Get A Raise During A Recession

Getting a raise in a recession is not easy, but can be accomplished.  Even if your company is cutting jobs, and looking for new ways to save money, you can still find a way to get a raise.  Or even a promotion, if the situation warrants such a thing.  The road is especially difficult, but nothing is impossible if you play your cards right.  Just be careful in how you approach the situation, or else you could find yourself on the money saving chopping block.

First off, ensure that you know the situation.  If your company is basically on fire and jobs are falling left and right, and not even your boss seems to be safe, probably not the best place for a raise.  But if things seem fairly comfortable, with a few worries here and there, you could have a good shot.  Just make sure you don’t paint a target on your back by asking for more than the company will think you deserve.

Asses your worth to the company before asking for a raise.  If you find people have been laid off or fired in your department, but you have survived the scrutiny, there has to be a reason for that.  Asses your accomplishments and your skill set, so that you can see why the company values you.  This will give you good groundwork to make use of in an argument for why you deserve a raise.

Finally, using your track record as a resource, go in and ask for a raise with your previous accomplishments as your foundation.  Be prepared to get rejected, after all it’s recession, and this is more of a long shot than anything else.  But be courteous and stay positive, and illustrate this isn’t a deal breaker for you, as to whether or not you’ll stay with the company.  You’d just like a raise or a promotion for your continuing efforts in helping the team strive for success.  Make that point evident, and you’ll be fine.

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02 Oct 09 Deal With A Mean Manager

If you’ve ever had to cope with a boss or manager that is less than friendly, life at work can be extremely difficult.  Most people just don’t know how to get around this, and instead let their personal lives suffer because their professional life is hopelessly out of order.  Not to mention the fact that a problematic boss seems like an unsolvable issue that you just have to live with.  But not necessarily, as long as you know what to do about that troublesome superior.

Make peace with yourself before you try anything on your boss.  Cope with the fact that they aren’t rude or angry with you because of your job performance.  Rather it’s just a negative personality trait that your boss has.  Just like a bully, the bad behavior is a social issue that they have, not something you’ve done wrong.  So don’t let it bother you as much as it might, because their rude attitude has nothing to do with you.

Asses the problem, and after you’ve made peace with the fact that the anger isn’t about you, evaluate your options.  If your bad boss is a real problem, you may have to take the issue higher within the company.  Consider your options for reporting an issue like this within the company, and also your legal rights if you feel the treatment is completely unwarranted.  Otherwise this may be time to asses your career.

If you feel this problem can’t be solved within the company, you might just have to suck it up and look for a new job.  If you don’t like the way things are going at your current company, you just might have to pack up and go to a different one.  If you just can’t work with your boss, and don’t have any other avenue to correct the situation, it’s not a bad idea to start again somewhere else.

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