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18 Apr 10 How to Handle Your Angry Client

Freelance writing is a challenging work, and if you are in the field for long then you are bound to come across one or two angry client. Therefore, you need to know to handle the situation should your client gets angry on something — you are lucky if you have not get one, still you need to know the tricks to handle rough weather in freelance writing.

See his point of view

If your client is angry of you then try to find out the reason for his anger. Do not just judge the situation from your point of view only. You may be right, but it is the client who has to decide if he liked your work or not. After all, he is in better position to say whether your article or content will meet is his goal or not.

Do not argue, let him do the talking

No one wins the argument, so do not invest time in that. Let your client do the talking. This will help you understand his point of view, and will also vent his anger out. Do not interrupt, and speak only when he is done. Afterward, patiently explain everything, and logically build you case and tell him why you think the content in question will work.

Offer rewrite

Do not fight over the content, if you do not wish to lose that client. If your client is not satisfied by the output, offer a rewrite. Tell him you will rewrite everything to meet his expectation, and before you do that ask him about his particular requirement, in terms of style, presentation, and structure of the content that you are supposed to rewrite. Take every step necessary to remove the ambiguity from the project. This will help you rewrite it.

If your client’s anger is just then this will pacify him, and if it isn’t then you cannot do anything about it. But still, you should try to understand his point of view and solve the issues he has.

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14 Oct 09 Stay Awake Through Boring Meetings

Being tired in a meeting that seems senseless can be bad.  Your tiredness could lead to you missing some vital info, missing out on an opportunity to stand out, or even falling asleep.  There probably isn’t any worse impression you can leave on somebody’s mind, beyond falling asleep.  So tiredness is severely bad, and could do damage to your career.  Which is why these tips will help you stay fresh, awake, and ready to contribute to any meeting:

-Make sure you get enough oxygen.  Typically when you are ready to go to sleep at night your body slows down the breathing process.  Because you’re not doing any activity you take fewer, deeper breaths, which helps to lull you to sleep.  If you’re feeling tired make sure to keep your breathing up, oxygenating your muscles and helping them feel awake.  A few quick deep breaths should do the trick.

-If the meeting is one of those you have to be there, but nothing really important happens affairs, the task of staying awake can be especially daunting.  Try taking pen and paper and make a list of something you have to do later.  Or make a list of things you’d like to do this week, or after work.  Anything to get your brain thinking.  Plus those around you will just see that you’re taking notes on the meeting, so you look informed and you stay awake.

-Bring a bottle of water with you, and if you’re feeling tired take a few sips.  Or even chew some gum quietly.  Anything to get your body moving and using energy.  Both of which will help to keep you awake.

-Finally, if you just can’t keep yourself going, then at an appropriate moment excuse yourself.  Excusing yourself is a much better solution than risking falling asleep.  The ultimate goal here is to not look slack enough to fall asleep at work, and excusing yourself accomplishes that, even if you anger a few folks in the process.

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02 Oct 09 Deal With A Mean Manager

If you’ve ever had to cope with a boss or manager that is less than friendly, life at work can be extremely difficult.  Most people just don’t know how to get around this, and instead let their personal lives suffer because their professional life is hopelessly out of order.  Not to mention the fact that a problematic boss seems like an unsolvable issue that you just have to live with.  But not necessarily, as long as you know what to do about that troublesome superior.

Make peace with yourself before you try anything on your boss.  Cope with the fact that they aren’t rude or angry with you because of your job performance.  Rather it’s just a negative personality trait that your boss has.  Just like a bully, the bad behavior is a social issue that they have, not something you’ve done wrong.  So don’t let it bother you as much as it might, because their rude attitude has nothing to do with you.

Asses the problem, and after you’ve made peace with the fact that the anger isn’t about you, evaluate your options.  If your bad boss is a real problem, you may have to take the issue higher within the company.  Consider your options for reporting an issue like this within the company, and also your legal rights if you feel the treatment is completely unwarranted.  Otherwise this may be time to asses your career.

If you feel this problem can’t be solved within the company, you might just have to suck it up and look for a new job.  If you don’t like the way things are going at your current company, you just might have to pack up and go to a different one.  If you just can’t work with your boss, and don’t have any other avenue to correct the situation, it’s not a bad idea to start again somewhere else.

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