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09 Jul 11 What Makes a Website Get Thumbs Down?

Everyone has a website these days, but every website is not attractive? Why is it so? All websites have typical website structure, yet fail miserably in terms of appeal and level of interest grabbing. Have you ever thought why some websites simply put you off and you never want to get back to it? Here are some reasons what makes a website draw thumbs down.

Poor Layout

Foremost reason for a website to fall flat on its face is its poorly designed layout. A poorly designed layout may not only appear bad, but also lack proper user friendly structure, legibility. Many people try to save little amount of money by putting all information in a page and cluttering the webpage to the maximum level. Such layouts ask reader to scroll down and find entire information; which is highly annoying for the reader. It looks like a novel, especially when the content is long.

Poor color combination

It’s often seen that few websites consist of bright and warm colors just for the sake of drawing attention. Such color schemes like warm red with bright yellow may surely draw initial attention, but will immediately put off a reader. He may get a headache too if exposed to such colors for long and soon leave the website. Play safe with colors, know which colors are complimentary and most importantly do justice to the website or brand. Suppose it’s a pharmaceutical company’s website, you can’t afford to keep it flashy red. If you have a corporate color you may use the same, to build your brand identity on web.

Poor content

Often people think writing is a job that anyone can do and they themselves try writing, while abandoning the entire purpose of the website. Even if it costs to you, make sure you get the web content written by some expert. Make several tabs for content under different headers and make sure it’s not too lengthy. Crisp, simple yet interesting text always works. Make sure you don’t go abstract in your communication and people can easily locate your purpose behind the communication.

Complex URL

Several times people think of a complex name for their website or end up choosing a rare URL for unavailability of the simple ones. Instead of going for a real rare and complex name choose a simple and easy to remember name with .ORG or .NET or .UK and the like for availability sake. An easy URL is not only remembered but also talked about and passed on from one person to another.

Keep these faults in mind, and you will never end up making the same mistake like those not so good websites.

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