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15 Dec 10 How to Find a Genuine Recruiter on Internet?

Internet is not only an engaging medium, but also a paying medium for many. It brings bread and butter for many houses, depending on Web based work. Internet is certainly a blessing, but its nature is again a challenge for the medium itself. Many people work together on Internet through mails, chats, voice chats without even knowing each other personally. Such relationship works on trust. There are many cases where the employee is c heated by the recruiter and faces immense loss. Don’t let it happen to yourself. If you can’t ensure 100%, you can still ensure till a much extent about getting hired by an authentic recruiter.

These guidelines may help you.

Take help of a medium

When you are new on Internet and don’t know which recruiter is trustworthy approach recruiters through websites. Many freelance websites take responsibility and ask employees to file a complaint against recruiter when cheated or abused. When approached with the right set of proofs they also ban the recruiter from its website. Find such websites and look for work over there. Make sure you communicate only through the website and you have all communication history stored over there. Once you work with a client and think he is good enough you can work with him in future, while communicating directly.

Read testimonials or search by recruiter’s name

When you are working with a client for the first time, make sure you get the maximum information about him or her. Don’t fall for a new client easily, choose an experienced recruiter. Read all testimonials or reviews about the recruiter on the website. See what past employees had to say about the recruiter – how many thumbs up and how many down are there. It may be an eye opener for you. If there’s no testimonial or if you have some doubt and wish to know further search his name on search engines and find out more about him or her.

Ask for required detail

If you can’t become too personal with the recruiter for work sake you can definitely ask for some personal detail like – full name, contact number, city, mail address, communication mode etc.

Make things clear

Never take things for granted. Whatever terms were discussed make sure you have a proof either on Internet history or you both sign a mutually agreed upon contract paper. Discuss about nature of work, specific requirements, deadline, mode of communication for clarifications, mode and terms of payment etc in advance.

Ask for some advance payment

Don’t feel shy to ask for some advance money before you start working together. It will keep both of you feel assured, happy and motivated. You may take 25% of the total work in advance, 25% after submission of first draft and the rest of 50% after final submission of work.

Now, finding a trustworthy recruiter won’t be difficult anymore.

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