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01 Mar 11 Why You Should Not Read Blogs, if You Want to Succeed?

I am certain you didn’t wake up today thinking of confronting such titles on a day when things are falling just in place for you, first time in many years. I know this introductory line sucks, and this is precisely why I wanted to write this blog post.

Why you shouldn’t read blogs?

The correct headline should be: why you should not read too many blogs. And the answer is because reading too many blogs takes time which else could have been devoted to taking action. Reading too many blogs would paralyze you. There are so many blogs out there, each one of them presenting different point of view, calls to different part of your mind. How can you respond to all?

How many should you read?

As many as you can in maximum two hours of time. I know I have been very liberal in allotting time to blog reading and I should have only asked for one hour. But we need to go slow when persuading people to change habit, or else our effort will not bear desirable result.

In the beginning, you should read and understand fully as many blogs as you can in 1-2 hours every day. Not a single minute extra should be wasted on this activity. But over time, you should reduce this time spent on blogging to 45-30 minutes.

What should you do in spare time then?

You should read books, industry journal, watch documentary, do research, or talk to people. In short, you should engage yourself in activities that give you more benefit. It is more about ROI on time invested. Some good blogs, like this one, do give you higher ROI on your time, but surfing through low-quality blogs take away from the overall benefit you get from reading a blog post.

Reading blog can be advantageous, and it often is, but indulging too much into it will reduce your productivity. So be judicious in your time allocation.

So what is the bottom line?

The bottom line is this: you must read various blogs, but your reading should not be limited to blog reading only. You should read from other sources as well. The varied your sources will be, the richer your experience will be.

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19 Feb 11 What Client seeks from its Service Providers?

Nature of clients and their size of business may vary, but clients’ requirements from its service providers remain same always. Service provider may be an advertising agency or printing agency, office furniture provider or security service provider. Every service provider comes with its own standard of operation and respective job requirement; but basic expectations from clients remain same everywhere.

These are the few requirements clients consider mandatory from its service providers.


Clients always look for authentic companies, who are in the business since long and have earned good reputation in the same. If company is new, inexperienced and can’t be traced easily client may not approach it.

Good image

Clients never wish to get associated with a service provider who has bad name in the market; since association with controversial companies also bring bad name in the industry. Choosing a prestigious company is very important for any client.

Competitive edge

Every client wants to remain ahead of its competitors whether in terms of office space décor or in stationary designs. It is not only an ego boost for the client, but also they love to talk about its service provider to all. If you wish your clients to stay with you for long time, always make sure you give something more than your competitors. Don’t compromise with the quality and never stop innovating something new.

Meeting deadline

Working within the stipulated timeframe is very important aspect of any business. Even if you are an excellent service provider with exceptional standard of quality, but you fail to give work on time clients may blacklist you forever. If client gives a deadline to its service provider, it definitely involves lot of thinking.


Clients look for recognized service provider. It can be recognition from an international council or government body or any well known institution. Clients hesitate to take risk of being associated with an unapproved or unrecognized company. It can also be recognition from well known personality.


Last but not the least, most of the clients prefer to keep their expenses as low as possible. Even if the service provider is excellent clients hesitate to pay a premium price for that. Clients may agree to pay little more than the industry standard rate, but not exorbitant.

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18 Feb 11 How to crack a Group Discussion Successfully?

Group discussion is an opportunity to prove your ability, competence, team behavior, language skill, knowledge before the observer. Every modern job interview selection process or academic selection procedure is incomplete without the group discussion session. Even a successful candidate of personal interview and written test may miserably fail in group discussion session. So don’t let the group discussion opportunity slip off your hands. Make the most of it. Here are few tips for your help.

Don’t talk just for the sake of talking

It’s often noticed that people talk during the group discussion session, just for the sake of grabbing attention. It makes one look stupid and also shows lack of depth of knowledge. Talk only when you know enough about the topic in hand and you are confident. If you are not sure of yourself, wait for others to start, find clues from their conversations and then raise your voice. Don’t talk pointlessly, trying hard to prove a point.

Don’t shout to make a point

Just to get heard among many heads often participants end up shouting on top of their voice to prove a point. Wait for the right opportunity, raise your hand and state your point. If someone interrupts in middle, ask the person to wait and let you finish first. Shouting just to get noticed and beat others will create sheer confusion and chaos.

Stick to the point

Often we deviate from the main issue and stretch the topic too far. Don’t go far away from the main topic in hand. If the topic is controversial and raises lot of discussion, talk either in favor or against the topic in hand. Don’t keep switching between the two. Make sure you stick to your point and don’t go stretch it too far. Maintain the time limit.

Good start, great end

We often think it’s important to grab attention in the beginning only and thus put maximum energy in starting the group discussion rather than concluding nicely towards the end. Never commit this mistake. First impression is definitely the last impression, but an end moment fuss or ambiguity can tarnish the whole thing. So make sure, you are not only noticed in the beginning, but also equally heard and noticed towards the end. When time comes towards end, nicely wrap your message in an impressive conclusion. It will help you to leave a long lasting impression.

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