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11 Dec 10 Tips to overcome Pre-interview Fear

Pre-interview panic is not an uncommon affair. Many of the beginners and young professionals go through acute anxiety and fear before the interview session. At times pre-interview anxiety is so serious that it results into fear, nausea, fever and many other uneasiness. Such fear can not only make one sick and result into poor unsatisfactory performance in interview but may also result into missing of interview opportunities.

Here are some tips about overcoming such undesired fear.

Don’t think too much

Never let the stress get on you. Be at ease. Don’t think too much about the interview. Live your day as any other normal day. If you stay at ease, you will remember things, appear confident and at your best.

Be truthful

Don’t put any information in your curriculum vitae which is not true, half-true, misleading. Remember what you have put in your CV. Be truthful. False information not only has a scope of landing you into problem but you may also forget what you have lied about. Put valid information. It will make you confident and appear credible. Don’t forget interviewer may verify all information.

Talk to your mirror reflection

If you are scared of facing interviewer and speaking in public, start practicing. Stand in front of mirror. Talk to yourself. Shoot questions. Answer it back. See how you look while you speak. Make your body language apt for interview purpose. Check your words, vocabulary, style of talking, pronunciation and pitch. Modify accordingly. It will not only help you to overcome your shortcomings but also boost your confidence immensely.

Know about the company and job profile

Do your thorough research about the company you are going to visit for the interview purpose. Know about the company’s history, span of presence, clients, owner group, achievements, failures, tie ups, marketing policies etc. Know the role of the profile you have applied for, skills required for it and other requirements. Prepare yourself about probable questions and answers. It will keep you confident and prepared.

Keep things ready

In well advance of the interview date keep all documents, testimonials, dress ready. Last moment hurry and tension of misplacement may delay your arrival at interview and the entire process. It will de-stress you too.

Go for it. Give your best. Success will follow.

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