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24 May 11 Why Do You Need A Creative Business Card?

Most of the people consider business card as a small piece of paper, which needs to be given to prospects for business intentions, to be remembered for the same, to avail opportunities, to send across information regarding where he or she can be contacted. Considering business cards as just a piece of paper bearing name, designation, and contact information; people do not put much mind into it. But what people hardly realize is a poorly designed or average looking business card often gets lost and that’s not always by accident, but because of the fact that we don’t care to keep them safely. Here are some reasons, which state why you need an aesthetic business card.

It travels to important hands

Have you ever wondered when you go for an interview or go to meet your clients or your prospective groom why you dress up so carefully, keeping in mind you wear the best shirt? Because, first impression has huge impact and you want to put your best foot forward. Exactly the same thing is applicable for business card. Business card is like your identity, your face before the world. When you silently give it to someone it speaks a lot about you, sends across reflection of your taste, preference, personality, attitude. And I am sure you don’t want that person to get a wrong message about you or consider you an average daily encounter. To make a mark, you need to be different, appear appealing. Don’t forget it’s not just one person whom you reach. Recipient may give away your business card to someone else as well to contact you. So your identity travels along. If it’s appealing, you get talked about and admired.

Long stay

People generally lose business cards quite often. Have you ever thought why so? It’s because most of them look boring, so people do not show an effort to keep them with much care and simply throw inside drawers, envelopes, wallet etc. But if a business card looks appealing people make an extra effort towards not misplacing it and keep it in card holder with much care, while flashing it often before others. Such business cards are hardly lost and are recalled often, talked about and perceived in a favorable manner. If a business card looks good the person who receives it also checks it with much more appreciations and holds it for long, whereas an average business card is much ignored and people simply put them in pocket soon after getting the card.

So what are waiting for? Get rid of boring business card and find a good designer to flash an appealing business card everywhere you go.

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19 Oct 09 How To Handle An Illegal Question At An Interview

Interviewers frequently ask illegal questions during interviews.  Whether this is intentional or not, your answers could impact how you are received, which in turn can impact whether or not you get the job.  How you handle these scenarios is just as important as how you answer the legitimate interview questions.  Knowing what to do is of vital importance in any interview.

The first thing you should do is figure out the nature of the question.  An illegal question does not refer to a question that is criminally liable, but rather just a question that an interviewer is not allowed to ask.  Questions like these are from topics that cannot legally have a bearing on whether or not you get a job.  Such as questions about race, sex, age, health, disabilities, and religion.  Any of these could be mentioned unintentionally in the forming of a question, but all are illegal for an interviewer to ask you.

It’s necessary for you to understand that in most cases an illegal question comes up as a mistake from the interviewer.  Oftentimes these are asked with no intention to discriminate against you.  But rather these are attempts by the interviewer to be friendly, or to relate to you.  This way the can get a better feel for how you would fit in with the company.  But usually through inexperience, instead of doing that through legal means, they accidentally slip into an illegal pitfall by asking you a personal question.

In this case you have two polite options for answering the question and moving the interview forward.  The first option is that you could answer the question.  But in answering, make sure that it’s a question you feel completely comfortable answering, and preferably answering n brief.  Then try to move on to a different topic.  The second option is to essentially ignore the question and move the interview forward by focusing on a different work related topic of yours.

Either option works well, and will keep an interview’s flow without making for an uncomfortable situation on either side.  Try to stay professional and courteous, with a positive disposition, as you always should during any interview.  If you can follow that model, and not flinch under the pressure of an illegal question, you’ll be just fine.

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