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24 May 11 Why Do You Need A Creative Business Card?

Most of the people consider business card as a small piece of paper, which needs to be given to prospects for business intentions, to be remembered for the same, to avail opportunities, to send across information regarding where he or she can be contacted. Considering business cards as just a piece of paper bearing name, designation, and contact information; people do not put much mind into it. But what people hardly realize is a poorly designed or average looking business card often gets lost and that’s not always by accident, but because of the fact that we don’t care to keep them safely. Here are some reasons, which state why you need an aesthetic business card.

It travels to important hands

Have you ever wondered when you go for an interview or go to meet your clients or your prospective groom why you dress up so carefully, keeping in mind you wear the best shirt? Because, first impression has huge impact and you want to put your best foot forward. Exactly the same thing is applicable for business card. Business card is like your identity, your face before the world. When you silently give it to someone it speaks a lot about you, sends across reflection of your taste, preference, personality, attitude. And I am sure you don’t want that person to get a wrong message about you or consider you an average daily encounter. To make a mark, you need to be different, appear appealing. Don’t forget it’s not just one person whom you reach. Recipient may give away your business card to someone else as well to contact you. So your identity travels along. If it’s appealing, you get talked about and admired.

Long stay

People generally lose business cards quite often. Have you ever thought why so? It’s because most of them look boring, so people do not show an effort to keep them with much care and simply throw inside drawers, envelopes, wallet etc. But if a business card looks appealing people make an extra effort towards not misplacing it and keep it in card holder with much care, while flashing it often before others. Such business cards are hardly lost and are recalled often, talked about and perceived in a favorable manner. If a business card looks good the person who receives it also checks it with much more appreciations and holds it for long, whereas an average business card is much ignored and people simply put them in pocket soon after getting the card.

So what are waiting for? Get rid of boring business card and find a good designer to flash an appealing business card everywhere you go.

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16 Mar 11 How to Promote your Photography Skill?

Are you the rare photographer with god gifted skill and an eye for detail? Do you like to captivate each living moment in frames? But if your photography skill isn’t fetching you much money, it’s the time to rethink upon your marketing strategy. Even good things often go wasted when not promoted effectively.

Here are few effective marketing tips.

Know your niche

Many good photographers are often seen claiming to be good in every area of photography, which is actually quite impossible these days. So find your niche area. Find in which type of photography you are actually stunning. It could be any – wild life photography, fashion photography, product photography. Make sure you excel in one area and build a fabulous portfolio of the same. Soon you will be known for your niche specialization. Write your area of specialization like your business card, letter heads.

Get listed

It’s very important for people to find you. Get visible. Get seen on photography related directories, photography journals, search engine, magazines so that your target audience can easily reach you. Not only your target market, it will also help you to be recognized in the photography industry.

Photography websites

Put your best photographs in all photography archive websites. You may still reserve rights with you by maintaining copyrights. Your photographs in such sites will draw many people close to you, who will follow you and turn your fan.

Facebook page

These days a major a tool of online marketing is through Facebook. Own a Facebook page where you can build your fan list. Put your best photographs, it is more like virtual exhibition of your talent before the world. Update your Facebook status often, ask for people’s feedback, and also follow great photographers you admire. Eventually they will also get to know you and may love your work too. You may also join photographers’ communities.

Professional tips

You may soon evolve as the best expert of photography. Start your own web page or forum or blog, where you promote yourself as the solution provider to newbie or aspirants. You can help people with expert advices and suggestions.

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11 Nov 09 Finding Business Contacts

In a struggling economy, networking should be a top priority for you, especially if it hasn’t been in the past.  You need business contacts, no matter where you are on the chain.  Through business contacts, you open up the possibility that you will be able to find better work.  Your business contacts are also great to have should you ever lose your current job.  Basically, these are professional associates from different organizations that you regularly keep contact with.

But to get business contacts, first you have to find them.  A business contact can be remarkably useful down the line in your career.  These relationships are great because they are mutually beneficial.  Think about your skill set and what you could offer to help someone else.  From anything like advice, to career prospect options, what do you have to give?

How much you can commit to providing will dictate what sort of business relationship you can form.  As business contacts are a two way street, you have to have something to bring to the table.  Try using websites like LinkedIn.  They are social networking resources for professionals and can be a good start for anybody.

Make sure you have business cards with you all the time.  Whenever you’re in the appropriate scenario, like a work related conference or event, they will be very useful.  Meeting people is great at the moment, but you need a way to keep in contact beyond.  A business card is the fastest and easiest way to do just that.  Not to mention it’s the most professional route.  Professionalism always gets you bonus points.

Remember to keep your ears open all the time.  Pay attention in the break rooms, and when you’re eating lunch.  You could find a great new business contact in a different department.  Somebody you were completely unaware of, and someone you could benefit from.

From there it’s as simple as maintaining the relationship.  If you want to be able to get trusted information from them, you have to provide the same.  Don’t hesitate to inform them of news around the company.  From job openings, etc.  Let them know what’s going on around you, and the opportunities available, and they will do the same.

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