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26 Feb 11 Personalize Your Email Message Like A Pro

Email marketing delivers. But only when it is crafted patiently embedding all the elements that are considered “best practices” by experts in the field. But what do experts think? Like every lesser email marketer, I have also been wondering about this question. It is when I found myself face-to-face with a study on email message personalization conducted by MarketingSherpa.

The result of this study may not answer all the pressing email marketing questions, but it will help us go multiple yards closer to creating the ultimate e-mail marketing message. The study was conducted by taking a sample size of more than 1100 email marketers. Let’s go direct to the results and see what you should do to make your email messages convert better.

81% of the respondents said that they collect and use personal name of the subscribers, whereas another 17% said that they do collect subscribers’ names but do not use it. Personalizing mail by greeting subscribers by their first name appears to be the most important tactics.

Expert email marketers also use data like lead source, company name, subscribers’ role in the company, etc., to make the e-mail message more relevant. See image below for the complete data.


So what are you planning to include? Let me know what tactics you use for personalization of email messages? I am waiting eagerly to hear from you.

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30 Aug 09 Freelance Writing Checklist Part -3

In the last two articles of the series, I shared things that you need to do to prepare yourself for the freelance writing career. In this article, I will tell you what you should do once your résumé is in place, you have written a good cover letter, and you have built your portfolio.

How much do you deserve?

This is going to be tricky. You have two big giants to tackle: The pay rate in the niche you have chosen to write and the amount paid to new writers like you. For this, you will have to do some research. Ask as many people as you want to ask, and go through as many project postings as you can and see the bid people have made there. This will give you an idea about how much your niche pays.

Visit freelance forums and blogs

Freelance forums and blogs are the goldmines of resources. Hence, you should consider being regular on one or more freelance forums and blogs.

What are the best practices?

Not knowing the best practices of the industry and not applying it are two different things. You should research and find out not only the rates, but the prevailing best practices of the industry as well. You also need to know the payment terms used by the genuine employers.

Find Jobs

This is what you were preparing for all along. Visit different blogs, freelance exchange websites and get yourself registered, if asked to, and start applying for the jobs that interest you.

Fill in all the details in the form, when registering into freelance exchanges. I would recommend uploading your image as well, and not any avatar or any funny picture. You should look professional, in the photograph. I prefer it this way because a photograph tells the prospective clients about you, and on the Internet, everyone prefers doing business with an idiot whom they know then any undercover genius about whom the clients have no clue.

Research your clients

To safeguard your interest, you need to do some research on the clients before you accept the job proposal sent to you. Not every client is created equal. Some are crooks as well.

Read, Read and Read

It comes at the end of everything, isn’t it? That is why it is important. You will have to read as much as you can: read about freelancing tips, read some authors from your field, read how things are changing, etc.

This brings us to the end of the Freelance Writing Checklist series. I wrote three articles in this series, links to which are provided below:

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Freelance Writing Checklist part -2

Freelance Writing Checklist part -3

Hope you liked the series, your views and reviews are welcome. You can either use the comment box to share or view or you can mail me on bikramksingh [at] gmail [dot] com. waiting to hear from you.

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