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22 Jan 11 Tips for ‘Good Start’ of a Day

Each day is special, new and source of hope. Well, saying is easy but often found difficult in real for those who start their day in an average way with stress of work. Start it with a fresh mind, fresh endeavor so that your entire day falls into place and you even go to bed at night with a cheerful spirit. Start each day with a fresh gush of energy. Just follow these few simple tips.

Green is truly evergreen

Green is a color depicting youth, life and newness. Once you wake up from the bed, look for some green plants around you. It’s always advised to have some plants in and around the house. Step out to your terrace or balcony and see the green trees in front. If there’s a park in front of you there’s nothing like it. Green rejuvenates, brings lot of freshness in life. It also keeps eyes good.

Little bit of exercise

A healthy and happy mind resides in a fit body only. So exercise every morning. It will not only keep you fit and active but also in shape. If you like yourself on the mirror, naturally you will be happy. You may hit a fitness center or aerobic and dance classes or practice yoga. Do whichever suits you and you like to. You may simply watch some video tutorials of experts and practice at home. Make sure the ambience is good, fosters freshness. If you have a nice backyard garden or terrace, do exercise there. Being close to nature, it will make you feel better all the more.

Breakfast of your choice

If tummy is happy you are happy too. Start your day with a lovely wholesome breakfast. When we rush to work half fed we start a day with negative thoughts already. So make sure you grab a good wholesome breakfast everyday. If you don’t get much time to prepare, you may prepare it before and store in fridge or grab some ready to eat ones. But a healthy nice start will make you happy. Make sure you don’t grab the same breakfast in all days of a week. Treat yourself with different breakfasts each day.

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21 Oct 10 How to Stay Motivated?

It’s very easy to give some pep talks about motivation and weave dreams in reader’s mind. But even if those excite us for a moment, the moment it’s over, its effect witnesses a sharp fall too. Talking big just doesn’t work. What we need is an actual realistic motivational factor, everyday, which will keep us going. Motivation will make you reach your goals, curb depression and frustration and stay in a good mood. A pessimist reaches nowhere. It’s only a motivated, optimist who works enthusiastically, with full vigor and passion towards his or her objectives in life.

Here are some realistic tips towards staying motivated, everyday.

Relax in between work, don’t be overstressed

An overstressed mind and body can’t be motivated enough. Human body and mind seek adequate rest. Only a refreshed body and mind can be receptive to fresh ideas, new learning. In between work, take few breaks, refresh yourself with small naps. If that’s not possible, don’t compromise with 8 hours long sound sleep at night. You will wake up fresh and rejuvenated.

A stroll could do wonders

Don’t captivate yourself within the four walls. It not only gets monotonous, but your soul also gets deprived from the fragrance of Mother Nature, fresh air and sunshine. Step out every day, go for a walk. It will not only keep your mind fresh, but also keep you healthy and fit. A fit body will keep you energetic, happy and in good mood. Choose early morning or evening. If you wish, listen to your favorite track of music while taking a walk. You’ll return with a pleasant mood, filled with energy and happiness.

Entertain yourself

All work and no entertainment, makes life appear gay. So, make sure there’s some fun that you look forward to everyday, at the end of work. Either watch good movies or comics or television shows which make you laugh and stay amused. A good laughter is much needed than medicines. It will keep you entertained and in a light cheerful mood.

Learn every day, read something new

Apart from starting your day with a newspaper, learn something every day. Read something. It could be a novel, a new recipe, a beauty guide, an interview. If normally you read novel opt for a lifestyle magazine or a travel journal. It will spice up your life and make each day enjoyable.

Enjoy small weekend getaways

Don’t let the weekend be same as you weekdays. Treat yourself with small getaways if not big trips to other cities. Just go to the country side or somewhere in city, where you have never been. Explore new places in your surroundings. Take camera along. Even if for a day, treat yourself with a day out. It will keep you highly motivated. If you are a busy professional, it’s strongly recommended.

Find a motivated self with these tips.

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03 Jul 10 How To Do Light Weight-loss Exercises at Home?

All work and no play make us dull indeed. Our sedentary lifestyle, junk food habit, less physical activities and busy schedule has made our lifestyle quite lazy, inactive. As a result fats, calories and obesity have taken toll on our lives. Obesity makes one physically weak, depressed and less confident. It not only affects physical health but mental balance too. Many of us even knowing these can’t do much about it, because of lack of time and inability to go to fitness club. But every problem comes with a solution. This is not an exception either. We can easily take out some time from our busy schedule and do some easy fitness exercises at home. You can do them at any point of time in a day. Such exercises won’t not only keep you in shape, but will also keep you strong, fit and healthy both mentally and physically.

It’s always recommended to practice these easy workouts in front of a professional trainer, so that you don’t end up doing mistakes causing damage to your body. At the beginning weight loss may seem a remote possibility, but don’t lose hope and patience. Keep working towards your goal. Regular practice will help you in witnessing the result soon. Stay motivated and keep the hard work going. Motivation is the key to success.

There’s no better substitute than swimming. Swimming is a great exercise to burn stubborn fat and gain a slender and fit body. This shows fast result.

Riding a bicycle is the second best easy exercise. Cycling helps in losing overall body weight, and gain strong leg muscles.

Running is another great way of losing weight. Make sure you sweat while you run or jog or take a power walk. Sweating is the key to weight loss and killing germs.

All you need to do is keep the level of motivation high, practice these or any one of the activities regularly and achieve a slim and fit body with an ease.

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