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18 Jun 11 Tips for Job Interview Preparation

If it’s your first job interview and you are worrying where to start the preparation from, you are not an exception. Worry about job interview, performance, questions is quite natural among the beginners. But don’t let this fear take a toll on you and spoil your performance. Confidence will come with the right guidance. Here are few tips for the job interview preparation. Before going for the interview follow these tips.

Flawless CV

Always remember if you are not confident about your CV, it will reflect in your attitude, personality, body language in front of the interviewer. So work on your CV first, make it crispy yet all inclusive. Don’t put false information in your CV. A good CV will silently talk about you. Follow formal CV format.

Know your subject

Don’t forget at the end of the day its knowledge of your subject that matters the most. Study your subject, know what all can be asked in interview. Know about the current industry practice. If you score well in questions asked you have higher chance of getting through the job.

Obvious questions

There are some stereotyped obvious questions frequently asked in interview like – ‘Tell us something about yourself’, ‘what are your strengths and weaknesses?’, ‘Where do you see yourself after five years from now?’ etc. Prepare answers of these probable questions in advance. You may practice answering these questions in front of a mirror. It will not only help you to answer, but also answer with perfect attitude, body language and confidence. This practice will boost your confidence and also help in lowering fear of speaking in front of the interviewer.

Read about the company

Before going for an interview read about the company. Go to its website, read about the company, its achievements, work done, clients, history. Interviewer may ask you if you know enough about them. So knowledge is important.

Wear the perfect attire

Wearing perfect attire to interview is very important. Wear formal clothes of pastel shades. Too bright colors are to be avoided. Don’t wear distracting earrings, necklaces and other accessories. Shoes should be formal, neat. Wearing formal clothes will not only make you appear like a professional, it will also boost your confidence.

Start preparing today for your dream job.

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23 Jan 11 Tips for ‘Good Start’ of a Day (Part 2)

A good start is indeed indication of a good day ahead. In this stressful age, a good start is indeed required and much desired. Start each day with lots of positive thoughts and good feel. A nice start will keep you rejuvenated for the whole day, cherishing good moments. A nice start will also make you less agitated, frustrated or disappointed. A fresh morning is beautiful, cherish its beauty. If you are wondering how to start a day with goodness, here are some tips for you in addition to the last article on the same.

A kicking start

What motivates you the most and energize you instantly – music of your choice or some motivational speech of your favorite idol? Find it out. Start your day with it. Play it loud while you are getting ready for the day. Else, you can play the same on your iPod or in car while driving to work.

Dress up nicely

Who doesn’t like to see a nice self on the mirror? Every morning take out some time for yourself. Decide what you will be wearing to work. Depending upon the day you may choose your attire. Make sure your accessories go well with your dress. Take bath, dress up, and stand before the mirror. Look how you appear on it. Make sure you don’t overdo it in terms of dress or accessories while going to work. If it’s a holiday for you and you are going out with friends feel free to wear anything. Never forget the occasion and weather when you put on clothes.

Cuddle the affectionate ones

If you have kids at home or a pet that is very close to you and very adorable make sure you don’t miss it in the morning. Even if for five minutes cuddle him, play with him. Smile on the baby’s face and affectionate gestures of your pets will immediately perk up your mood. It’s indeed a nice recreation even after a stressful day.

Hugs and kisses

Always start a day with hugs and kisses. It’s the best way to convey your love to your loved ones. It will keep you feel loved and connected.

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22 Jan 11 Tips for ‘Good Start’ of a Day

Each day is special, new and source of hope. Well, saying is easy but often found difficult in real for those who start their day in an average way with stress of work. Start it with a fresh mind, fresh endeavor so that your entire day falls into place and you even go to bed at night with a cheerful spirit. Start each day with a fresh gush of energy. Just follow these few simple tips.

Green is truly evergreen

Green is a color depicting youth, life and newness. Once you wake up from the bed, look for some green plants around you. It’s always advised to have some plants in and around the house. Step out to your terrace or balcony and see the green trees in front. If there’s a park in front of you there’s nothing like it. Green rejuvenates, brings lot of freshness in life. It also keeps eyes good.

Little bit of exercise

A healthy and happy mind resides in a fit body only. So exercise every morning. It will not only keep you fit and active but also in shape. If you like yourself on the mirror, naturally you will be happy. You may hit a fitness center or aerobic and dance classes or practice yoga. Do whichever suits you and you like to. You may simply watch some video tutorials of experts and practice at home. Make sure the ambience is good, fosters freshness. If you have a nice backyard garden or terrace, do exercise there. Being close to nature, it will make you feel better all the more.

Breakfast of your choice

If tummy is happy you are happy too. Start your day with a lovely wholesome breakfast. When we rush to work half fed we start a day with negative thoughts already. So make sure you grab a good wholesome breakfast everyday. If you don’t get much time to prepare, you may prepare it before and store in fridge or grab some ready to eat ones. But a healthy nice start will make you happy. Make sure you don’t grab the same breakfast in all days of a week. Treat yourself with different breakfasts each day.

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