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12 Dec 09 What Lie Are You Telling Yourself to Avoid Freelance Writing?

Many people cherish this desire to take freelancing as profession, but not all of them end up taking this as a career. Not because they did not have writing ability, but because they are sold to self-beguiling lies.

Lie Number 1: Do not have time

This is the most common lie people tell themselves. I often hear people say that after a work it is hard to take time out for writing. This lie is preceded and supported by the fact that they cannot leave their job because the family needs food on the table. Indeed, your family needs your support, so you should not quit your day job, but it has nothing to do with the lie of “not having enough time” that you fool yourself in believing.

Dare to ask people and you will be amazed to find how many people are taking 2 hours each day from their life for part-time freelance writing. This is worth the effort. If you cannot do it daily or on alternate days than stick to weekend-only routine, but do it. Start now and soon you will see the difference.

Lie Number 2: Words, empty words

Well words are important for we freelancers, but words not backed by action ends up being empty words. And empty words do no good to anyone. I know many people who speak volume, but when it comes to taking action, they are just not there. Start writing, do not just speak about starting to write.

Lie Number 3: Excuses, colorful excuses

From not having time, to not having money to not having enough space at home to make it a workstation, there are many lies that people tell themselves. These lies are colorful, and at times have vivid details, nevertheless, it’s a lie.

The time to start freelance writing is now. There will not be any other good time, nor will you ever have more money than you have today to start freelancing, nor will you have enough space to do that. For those who sell themselves lie, there will not be any opportunity.

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11 Dec 09 Why Do You Need to Write Quality Content

Every day I consume a lots of web content and written words forms a major part of it. I have seen a lot many good contents on the Internet, and I have also seen a lot many mediocre contents. Where the exciting content provides fuel to my intellect, the mediocre contents keep me wondering, why I have wasted my time.

Like me, millions of readers out there convulse at the sight of poorly written web content. No one likes bad content, no matter where your visitors are coming from. This is one thing that could be blamed for the increase bounce rate from the website. You may lure visitors to your website by applying the best SEO techniques or by buying the coolest keyword in the SERP, but you cannot retain your visitors if you do not have quality content.

Attracting visitors is one thing, and retaining them and making them come back again and again to your website is entirely different thing. You may use short-cuts like buying keywords in Google, Yahoo, Bing, or whatever, and even you can bypass the SEO security measure to use black hat techniques. But there is not any short cut to bypass the need of quality content.

Why you need quality content

  • Well-written high quality content help you interact with your target audience at equal level, which in turn builds trust.
  • A well-written product review can be persuasive.
  • Good content gives the reader a reason to talk to you.
  • It builds excitement, hope, and makes the reader think.
  • It gives them the reason to keep coming back to read more.
  • It helps you sale more.

These are the benefits that were at the top of my mind. I am sure, you also have a lot more benefits to add. Let’s discuss the issue here.

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08 Dec 09 3 Pillars of a Successful Business

Have you ever wondered what makes a business successful? You may come up with many answers to this question but when your answers are subjected to scrutiny, every answer will boil down to three things, in precisely this order.

  • Investor
  • Employee
  • Customers


Investors are a group of people who invest their hard-earned money to get return from your business. They invest in your business because they trust you, and they see hope in your business. Till the time you are fulfilling their expectations, they will keep their money in your business. Hence, you need to keep them apprised of any development in your business. Keep on giving them good news, and your business will be in good shape.


Your employee is the second pillar of your business. It is your employees only that can make or break your business. Your business solely depends upon their performance to meet the investors’ expectations, and to deliver on the promises made to your customers. It is thus in your best interest that you keep your employee happy. A happy employee will satisfy the needs of many customers, and will present a favorable picture to investors, whereas, a disgruntled employee is a big deal breaker. They will piss everyone off, including you.


It is the customers for whom you have erected such a giant structure, raised money, and hired so many highly qualified employees. The end goal of your business is to serve this group of people, and all your energy should be channelized to do so. The moment you step away from your path, your business is doomed. Do not let your vision blurred by the shine and sparkles of advertisements and press coverage, you have not achieved anything if you have not served your customer right.

A parting thought

Which one of the three is more important? Well, this is tricky to answer as none of them is more important than rest of the two. You need to make a balance.

Form an equilateral triangle placing each one of them at each corner of the triangle, and you should sit right in the center, equidistant from each one of them.

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