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31 Aug 10 Bing is Spreading Wings Encompassing Google Searchers

According to The Nielsen Company, the YoY (year on year) growth of Bing has been 56% between July 2009 and July 2010. The US search market share of Bing has grown to 13.6% from 9%, which is a delta increase of 4.6%, and a relative increase of 51%.

In search business, Google, which is nobody’s guess, is a market leader in the United States. Google has 64.2% market share. At number two is yahoo with a 14.3% market share. Bing, despite its growth, is on number 3 with 13.6% market share. At number four and five slots are and AOL search with 2.1% and 1.9% market share, respectively.

In terms of YoY growth, AOL search is the biggest loser. It has lost 38% market share. At number 2 is Yahoo Search which is slimmer by 17%. Google too shed some pound, but it is mere 1%. Two search companies to gain weight are Bing (51% YoY growth), and Search (24% YoY growth). See image for detail.


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05 May 10 US Consumer Befriending Financial Services

The worst seems to be over for financial services in the United States, as people’s perception has started to sway in favor of financial services providing companies, according to the Harris Interactive 2010 EquiTrend study.

The US consumers’ perception of the financial services providers was quite low in 2009, which seem to have got back to its 2008 state in April. Even AIG, whose reputation touch the bottom in 2009 during the financial crisis, has also gone up in 2010.

Visa got the highest brand equity score of 65.76, followed by MasterCard whose brand equity score is 60.66. The Hartford with the score 53.40 and Fidelity Investments Financial Services with 53.29 score on brand equity make the bottom two of the report that studies top 10 highest ranked financial services company. See image for detail.



Not only the perception (brand equity) is on the way up, but the trust is also going up on the scale. Although it has not touched even 2008 level, the hope of its speedy recovery can be felt in the report released by Harris Interactive.

In the trust ranking, TIAA-CREF Financial Services ranked at number one with a trust score of 6.64, and at number two is Vanguard Group with a trust score of 6.55. Visa is at number 3 with the total score of 6.6. The Hartford which was at number 9th position in terms of brand equity has fared relatively well on the trust quotient. It is on number 5 with a trust score of 6.39. See image for detail.


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12 Mar 10 Which Industry has the Most Disgruntled Customers?

Don’t know the answer? Read this article to find out.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) has recently revealed that in 2009, the industry that drew most consumer complaints was cell phone industry. In the year in question, BBB received 1 million consumer complains, which is a 9.7% increase over the complaint volume of 2008.

BBB is a symbol of trust for business on the Internet, and many consumers use this service to research business in 2009. In total, users used the service of BBB 65 million times in 2009 to ensure that the business they are dealing with is trustworthy.

Leading the number of complaints against, the cell phone industry received 37, 477 complaints in 2009, which is an increase of 2.1% over the volume of complaints received in 2008 against this industry. At number two was cable and satellite TV industry with 32,616 complaints and number 3 slot was taken by banks with 29,920 complaints.

In terms of percentage change in number of complaints banking industry rule the roost with 42.3% more complaints over the last year.

There are industries like collection agencies, auto dealers- new cars, and furniture-retail that saw decline in the number of complaints. See the picture for more detail.

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