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22 Apr 09 Avoid Adsense Scams

Written by: SamElli

With every new product that promises to make you rich, comes the realization that there is no such thing as a real get rich quick scheme, beyond being lucky and winning the lottery of course.  One of the newest, and becoming one of the most common, ways that scammers are trying to get at you now, is through Google’s Adsense program.  Promising little effort on your part, with fantastic rewards in return.  First off, never believe these, because almost anything that promises a massive amount of money for little effort is guaranteed to be completely false.

Some of the things you need to watch for are e-books that claim to have the answers to all your internet riches, hopes and dreams, as most of them are just scams to get you to pay for something you don’t really need.  There isn’t any secret to using Adsense that isn’t either already available on the internet for free, or provided by Google themselves to inform you more about how to use the program.  Be wary of anyone that wants payment for helping you learn to make money on the internet, nine times out of ten the only way that person has learned to make money is by duping people into buying a useless book.

Don’t be lured by people that want you to pay for keyword lists that are reportedly able to increase your revenue and traffic greatly.  First off because Google offers their keyword information, and secondly because there’s no such thing as a magic keyword list that will net more traffic to your site.  Sure formatting your page to involve common keywords more effectively is going to drive your traffic, but there’s no such thing as a ‘magic’ list of keywords that are ‘guaranteed’ to make you successful.

And especially don’t be lured by anyone claiming to have the one secret to Adsense wealth, because if there was one little secret that could make you an Adsense millionaire, I sincerely doubt you’d scream it from the hilltops letting everyone know.

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