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20 Jan 10 Tips To Run A Business From Home

Running a home based business isn’t easy, but can become a great career choice and source of income.  Those who are successful at home businesses know the difference between running the operation professionally, and a laid-back comfortable home alternative.  Knowing that difference and working off of that concept is your biggest hurdle, and guide to making your home business succeed.

So firstly, remember that your home business is just as professional as a company that works out of an office building, and respect the job as such.  With that as your start, here are a few tips that can help you set up your business:

-Organize a home office that will be regarded strictly as your working space.  The office is a part of your home, but remember this is no different than if you went into an office building 9-5 like most people.  Remember that you’re not at home when you’re supposed to be working.

-Schedule out your activities and effectively plan your day.  Keeping on top of the situation, and maximizing productivity means sticking to a schedule.  That’s the only way to set yourself up for as much success as possible.

-Make sure that you research all applicable tax laws.  The last thing you’re going to want to deal with is a tax problem, so research the information now opposed to later.  As a self employed businessperson, the tax laws are going to be very different, so read them and know them, and always file on time.

-Once again in the treating your business like the real business it is vein, make sure that you’re covered by insurance.  Any sort of business owner’s insurance that you feel applies to you, is something you should definitely look into.  Every business needs insurance.  Don’t wait until it’s too late, ever!

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14 Jan 10 Twitter Tools To Help You Succeed

Using Twitter and building an audience are two things I’ve written about before.  But keeping innovative to maintain that audience is just as important.  Keeping people involved in your page isn’t always enough.  The mass audience tends to forget fairly quickly, so if you don’t change up your tweeting often, you can find yourself being ignored very quickly.  Changing with the times, and updating your account as often as possible are key to staying on top.

One of the best tactics to do that, is the use of sites like, which allows you to set up tweets at any future date, time, etc that you choose.  Sites like these are a great tool to keep your tweets regular.  So if you know you’re going to be busy later, or if you have a great idea now, you can always save them to use at a different time.  Keeping your tweets coming regularly, and keeping them all stellar, is the best way to keep interest.

Other tools like Twazzup lets you track hashtags, allowing you to see what’s going on in relation to your tweets.  This is extremely useful so that you can see who is re-tweeting your hashtags, and what context they’re being reused.  This can help you formulate strategies by sticking to campaigns that tend to be more successful than others.

Don’t forget to make use of tools that asses the market you’re trying to reach as well.  Services like the Forrester Profile Calculator help you find where and how potential customers are looking for information.  Making use of these can really help you grow your page, because you’ll know just how to target that demographic that’s most important to your page.

Finding them is easy enough, but remember that you have to keep writing interesting and engaging tweets to keep them there.  Holding attention in the long run is much more difficult that gaining attention at first.

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14 Jan 10 Using Social Networking To Drive Your Business

Having a website for your business isn’t enough anymore.  The web has become so commonplace, you have to evolve with the rest of the internet to keep driving new clients to your business.  You just can’t rely on search engines and your website to do your talking.  In the era of social networking you have to get involved in the world around you, not just provide a resource for anybody that’s searching you out.

Now internet advertising consists of making a social networking presence.  You need to have a blog, Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter account, to really make your company known.  So first things first, set up a company blog.  This will be a resource to write about the goings on with your corporation, and provide insightful social commentary on culturally relevant news.  So you want a decent writer who can write regular, engaging content.

Now you need Myspace and Facebook accounts.  Both are essentially the same, just with minor differences.  Keep the page professional, and a resource to sell products and ideas as well as provide news.  Myspace has been in decline, so that doesn’t have to be as big of a priority.  But at the moment Facebook has been holding strong, and could end up being a great interface with your customers.  Listen to them, and communicate with them.  This way you can learn what selling tactics will work, and what your customers expect from you.

Finally, the Twitter account.  This will probably be the most important, because here is where the most people are going to turn for news and information regarding your company.  Linking a blog with your Twitter and Facebook accounts will create a wealth of resources to contact your customer base, and do your own free research into what they expect.  You grow name recognition, and also get a great customer data tool, all rolled into a few easy to use websites.

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